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What is the Difference Between 1200 DPI and HQ 1200 on Printers?

  Shopping for printers isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. With so many models on the market, and so many claiming to be the best, it can be challenging to narrow down your choice of a printer to the

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Which Printers Have the Printhead Built into the Cartridge?

Whether you’re updating your office with a new printer, replacing a malfunctioning one, or equipping your brand new cowering space with all the essentials, it has never been easier to find the printer that suits your specific needs. If you

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Canadian TAX SEASON Checklist

It is that time of year again…tax season! If you are like most people, doing taxes is something you view as a dreaded task or you procrastinate doing. Do not fear, we have a helpful Canadian Tax Season Checklist to

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Inkjet vs Laser Printer: Which Printer is Right for You?

No one can tell you what printer is right for you. Only, you can make that decision. If you are wondering which printer to buy, then this article is for you. Inkjet Printers Inkjet Printers are less expensive, more compact

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What Should I Do When a Printer is Not Working?

There is nothing more aggravating than printer problems in the middle of a huge print job. There are many reasons why a printer may stop working or the quality of the prints is not up to par. The purpose of

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Are There Any Advantages of a Printer Using Toner Cartridges with a Separate Drum?

In case you did not know, laser printers have two parts that need replacing when they wear out or are empty. The toner cartridge and the drum unit. The toner cartridge holds the toner and the drum is the component

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Are There Any Inkjet Printers Whose Ink Doesn’t Dry Out?

This is a very good question, one that many inkjet users have asked. The only printer we researched that doesn’t dry out is the “closed” cartridge used in HP’s newer printers. The reason is that air does not get into

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How Do I Know if My Printer is Clogged (head/nozzle)?

Whenever the quality of your prints is diminished it is important to ask yourself some questions to resolve the issue. Is the printer out of ink? Is there a paper jam? Is my printhead/nozzle clogged? 8 Signs that Your Printer

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Why Do You Need a Footrest?

Perhaps you are one of those people who is very frugal or does not like clutter. You may think that a footrest is a waste of money or another thing you do not need cluttering up your office. However, those

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How to recycle Empty Toner Cartridges

The printer toner is most useful when it is supplying the ink for the printed pages.  Right? No actually, it is also useful when it is empty and the printer indicates that there is no more ink within the printer

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