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How to Replace Chip for Brother TN760 Toner

  If you are like the typical printer user, you are surprised that there is a chip on your toner, you might even be more surprised that you need to replace the chip from the old toner to a new

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Why you should Clean the Printhead for a Canon Inkjet Printer?

We don’t know where you’re approaching this topic from but for the average Joe the thought of having to clean the printhead for your Canon inkjet printer conjures up dark thoughts, plagued of course with deep boredom and the abyss

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What is the Chips for a Brother TN760 Toner

Ok take a deep breath, many, many, oh so many people have no idea that their printers or photocopiers have chips in them. Who would have thought? Well, just like that twist in the Avengers’ movie, you know the one,

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Why do you need an office chair?

For office workers, we not only sit in the office for a long time but also sit in front of the computer after coming back. An inferior office chair is the biggest killer of office. It will affect our health,

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How to remove Ink Cartridge Stains on Carpet

Replacing the ink cartridges from your printer can really be a messy affair. It is essential to clean it as fast as possible to improve your chances of being able to remove it completely. The method to follow will depend

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Comment enlever les taches de cartouche d’encre d’un tapis

S’il vous plait, aidez-moi. Comment dois-je faire pour enlever les taches d’encre de cartouche sur mon tapis?   Changer les cartouches d’encre peut vraiment faire tout un désordre! Il est important d’enlever les taches le plus rapidement possible. La méthode

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How to Choose Your First Optical Toslink Cable?

The Toslink Cable (A.K.A optical digital audio cable) is nothing new but a specific cable which allows you to carry the digital audio signals from your audio equipment devices, the advantage of using this optical cable is to ensure you

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how do i print from my ipad

How do i print from my iPad? Apple have their own proprietary printing protocol called ‘AirPrint‘. Only a few printers support it at present – HP is one of those that do and you can see if your model is

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can you print from an ipad 2

    When viewing documents or emails you might like to print it out and keeping it as a hard copy. A new technology has been deployed called AirPrint. It is a wireless print technology allowing you to print from

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5 Things You Need to Know: HDMI 1.4 & Full HD 3D TV Experience

  3D TV will be the next generation of TV industry. HDMI cable has been already being the key of to own the full HD 3D TV experiences. Indeed, the HDMI 1.4 cable which isn’t just a small upgrade than

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