Are There Any Inkjet Printers Whose Ink Doesn’t Dry Out?

This is a very good question, one that many inkjet users have asked. The only printer we researched that doesn’t dry out is the “closed” cartridge used in HP’s newer printers. The reason is that air does not get into the ink cartridge.

Perhaps the better question is can you prevent ink from drying out? Below you will find eight ways listed.

8 Ways to Prevent Inkjet Ink from Drying Out

  1. Run printhead cleaning and then take the ink cartridge out of your printer, if you will be away or have extended periods where you do not use your printer. Be sure to store the ink in a place that is dry and has a cool temperature.
  2. Using a pigment-based ink will help ink last longer.
  3. If you find your ink is drying out on a regular basis, think about changing to a laser printer, whose ink does not dry out or a dot matrix printer. This option is not worth the expense if you print infrequently.
  4. Use your printer regularly.
  5. With a fresh, damp rag, wipe the top of your ink cartridges to remove any ink collected on its surface. Doing this prevents the ink from clogging. Before you return the ink cartridge to the printer, dry the surface.
  6. Maintaining a home or office temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. Take out the cartridges between use. Store them separately in little bags, wrapped in moistened paper towel. You can also use reusable containers for storage. Just make sure the room you store them in is not subject a fluctuation in temperature.
  8. Some recommend keeping your printer on to preserve ink.

It doesn’t matter which methods you use to prevent inkjet ink from drying out, it is important to remember to use your printer at least once a week. This was probably the number one way to prevent ink from drying out.

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