Review:Xerox 113R00726 Toner Cartridge

All men would like to seek for the inexpensive yet high quality goods for their life or even for their work. In this case, we could named this is the perfect solution and we always like to think we’re getting such perfect for life or work, because there is nothing to do with price and quality in some time.

Xerox 113R00726

In order to provide more and more low price yet great print quality, Xerox try their best to offer us a great number of type of toner cartridges to compatible for different kind of printers, for example the Xerox 106R442 new compatible black toner cartridge for the Docuprint P1210 of the Docuprint series model, this kind of cartridge sale on only with the price of $56, the other example is Xerox 113R00726 new compatible black toner cartridge, the beautifully made toner cartridge is a snip at $115.99. Compare to both of this two type of toner cartridge, the 113R00726 model may be expensive than the 106R442 model in their price. But the 113R00726 model come with a great page yield as much as 8,000 pages, while there only 6,000 pages for the 106R442. What’s more the 106R442 model only can compatible with the DocuPrint P1210 of Xerox Docuprint series printer, while the 113R00726 can work for the different type of Phaser Series printers, as the Phaser 6180 model、Phaser 6180DN model、Phaser 6180MFP model、Phaser 6180MFP-D model、Phaser 6180MFP-N model、Phaser 6180N model. When compare to their function, we can find out that, the 11300726 model get a great compatibility.

In order to make their product more and more prefect, all our manufacturers get a scientific management and they are carrying out and have passed the authentication of ISO 9001 as well as the ISO14001.For the ISO 9001 and ISO14001 is the ISO series standard and which is the general standard of current international trade.

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