Scosche® strikeBASE pro 5W + 5W Wall Charger and Micro USB Devices all for only $24.99 !

Good News!Scosche® strikeBASE pro 5W + 5W Wall Charger which is great for lightning and Micro USB Devices is on sale for 50% discounts of $49.99 original before Aug 01, 2014.So the price is $24.99 now.If you are finding for a 5W Wall Charger, it should be the choice. Scosche ® strikeBASE pro 5W Wall Charger I2MH102 can charge your most devices quickly for having the srickeBASE pro which including dual 5 Watt USB ports that can allow you to charge 2 devices at once, even 2 Smart phones simultaneously. Each USB port has been designed to quick charge your devices. The integrated flush folding wall prongs of Scosche® strikeBASE pro 5W Wall Charger I2MH102 can ensure the charger conveniently portable. Moreover, the low-profile design ensures the charger leave other wall outlets open for use. The patent pending 2-in-1 connector works with Lightning and micro USB devices. A sliding adapter will lets you chose between connectors – perfect for charging your Apple devices with a Lightning connector, Android devices, E-readers and more. And this cable features a slim barrel design so you can charge and sync your device when using a case. It has been designed to even work with the larger and more protective cases.

What’s more, Scosche strikeBASE pro 5W Wall Charger is really made for iPod touch (5th generation), iPod nano (7th generation), iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPad mini. Except that, it can also work with Android devices, Smartphones and Portable Speakers. In other words, this charger works with all the latest Apple devices and nearly any Android smartphone. It should qualify to meet all your needs perfectly.

As so cost-effective a Scosche® strikeBASE 5W Wall Charger with dual 5 Watt USB ports, it is really a pity to miss it. Especially in the time when you are in need a 5W Wall Charger for your love electric mobile devices. Now, there is such a good 5W Wall Charger in front of you with low price, I promise you aren’t no touch in mind! As a friendly company, encourage you to buy Scosche® strikeBASE pro 5W Wall Charger I2MH102 as quickly as you can, for there is only 5 in stock. If you miss this opportunity, you’ll never find it in so lower price. Make a deal right now, what you only need to do is click Add To Cart and then pay $24.99 for it. We’ll ship it from our eastern warehouse located in Montreal and our western warehouse located in Vancouver as fast as we can and deliver it to you in super fast speed. I promise you don’t need to waiting for long; it will be come to you in super fast to provide good service for you. You honey mobile device will like to be charger by it to provide you more convenience. No hesitation anymore, order it now!

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