The world’s most expensive iPhone case

As an iPhone user for many years,i realized that all of iPhone Acessories including Headphones,batteries,Charger,Case are coming with expensive price.I believe that no one would be happy to cost a lot money for the iPhone reparation.So it’s very important to gives your iphone fully protection.Overall,i cover that one of the easy way to protect your iPhone will be “iPhone case”.That’s why iPhone case goes so popular and become more expensive than before.We has pick up some expensive iPhone cases for you in the following.

Louis Vuitton iPhone Case Sale: $315 – $1,120

Louis Vuitton iPhone Case


Brikk’s 75g Gold and 100g Platinum Cases Sale: $11,610-$14,235

Brikk’s 75g Gold and 100g Platinum Cases

Diamond Case Sale: $20,000

Diamond Case

Golden Delicious by GnG Sale: $100,000

Golden Delicious

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