BlueTooth Music Receiver Review

BlueTooth Music Receiver – Black

Today we are introducing BlueTooth Music Receiver for all music lovers.This Bluetooth Audio Receiver gives you the ability of control and listen to all your favorite music using your Bluetooth enabled mobile device and your home audio system.It is design for all the music lovers.

BlueTooth Music Receiver

With its trendy and cool looking,you will immediately fall in love with.You can easily connect the receiver to the stereo audio inputs of your amplifier,as well as pair your phone or other mobile device to the receiver.Playing music on your mobile device and then transmitted to the receiver wirelessly,the audio output will sends to your amplifier and speakers.

Since the receiver is run by an internal,rechargeable battery,so there is a standard USB charging source you can charge it perfectly fine wherever you go.This Bluetooth Audio Receiver is the perfect accessory for your mobile phone or other Bluetooth enabled audio source device.

Main features:

  1. Convenient and portable
  2. Stream directly to any existing home audio system
  3. Control and listen to your favorite music wirelessly
  4. Up to 10 meter Bluetooth wireless range
  5. Rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of wireless audio streaming
  6. Supports the Bluetooth A2DP profile
  7. Charges internal battery via a standard USB 5 VDC power source

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