How to Update a Jail Broken iphone

Apart from unlocking an iphone one can also jailbreak their iphones too, this enables one to get different applications on their device and to customize it. One can also turn the iphone to WI-FI hotspot by jail breaking it. Different people however jailbreak their iphone for different reasons and the application would allow users to zoom in on pictures, customize the background of an iphone and upload videos to You Tube. The question of how to update a jail broken iphone is eliminated with the option of uploading applications and features that make it easier to operate it.

With the device having WI-FI one can download MiWi 4.0 an application that allows up to four devices to be connected to the WI-FI  through the iphone and the download speed is said to be fast thus saving one money. The My3G is yet another application that allows users to use face time via 3G connection rather than the WI-FI network that can be slow and cumbersome, this enables users to make face time calls anywhere. One can download TV shows and podcast from iTunes and watch HD videos on you tube using the feature. To update a jail locked iphone one needs to customize the device by putting more favorable information on the screen for easy access without the need of sliding to unlock the phone, one has an option of customizing the header to help in personalization of the device.

Before one updates their iphone they are advised to first back up their data through iTunes, this is done simply by taking the entire iphone data to restore it to the iOs 5 known as hard backup this is however not the best option since it restores jail broken contents that will idle unused on the iDevice . The other backup method is the soft backup where one backup their contacts via iTunes to the music files through share pod application which does not copy jailbroken contents to the iphone. Plugging in the iphone to a computer, right clicking on the device and click on the backup button helps in accessing and backing up contents and one can restore the contents to the iphone. The soft backup operates differently since users have to sync their device with a computer to go to the info tab to sync contact information to the computer, one can also sync their music through iTunes and photos that can be restored back into the iphone using the re-sync option. This works on answering the question on how to update a jailbroken iphone.

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