Liquidation: 22″ AOC 2219S1 Widescreen LCD Monitor!

22" AOC 2219S1 Widescreen LCD Monitor

22" AOC 2219S1 Widescreen LCD Monitor

22″ AOC 2219S1 720p Widescreen LCD Monitor is on sale right now, at ! You will be thrilled to see the incredible deal we offer! with a price of $139.99, you could get this amazing widescreen LCD monitor!

With excellent picture, nice colors, solid, shiny base, and phenomenal picture, AOC 22″ 2219S1 provide everything you hope for a widescreen monitor!

The AOC 2219S1 monitor features a large display in widescreen format for increased productivity. Its 1680×1050 16:10 widescreen resolution allows you to work on two documents or two applications side-by-side.

Side face of AOC 2219S1 Monitor

Side face of AOC 2219S1 Monitor

AOC 22″ Widescreen LCD Monitor has a high 3,000 dynamic contrast ratio and 300 cd/m2 brightness to display superb details when viewing graphincs, photos or even videos. Its fast 5ms response time means you can view fast moving images clearly and without blur.

The 2219S1 is not only rich with features, it looks good too with its stylish glossy black cabinet.

You are looking for a low cost, wide screen monitor? Don’t miss this chance for saving for  AOC 2219S1 22″ Wide LCD Monitor! Order Today!

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  1. Marwanehammamet

    Sometimes on a bad Windows 7 rresatt something messes with the USB connection. Just turn off the printer and turn it on again.I didn’t have software installation problems. Windows 7 just detected it and installed right away. No need to insert the installaiton CD. Even works on Ubuntu.


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