Many more Bluetooth headsets for iPhone arrived in store !

Looking for any Bluetooth headset but got no idea where to start? Not a problem, we 123inkcartridges would like to introduce our Bluetooth headset for iPhone to improve the user-friendliness and at the same time meeting iPhone’s high-end style, this product is fully compatible with 3G/3GS/4 platform at the unbeatable price that is as low as $29.95, best suitable as a gift.

The Bluetooth headset for iPhone makes good pairs to your iPhone devices, this product has included both a wall and car charger, the headset battery allows you to talk up to 3 hours or 50+ hours stand-by mode per charge, the great design and lightweight has turn this Bluetooth headset for iPhone become not only technological appealing but artistic, this iPhone Bluetooth headset offers excellent sound quality, and their simplistic control panel ease the way how you manage calls and music, moreover, the automatic pairing system allows your iPhone device to be detected within a wider range, for all the features, it only consumed as less as 9g of weights and  available only in both black and white color.  It is more than just a Bluetooth headset that you could ever imagine.

As represent from 123inkcartridgs we are dedicated to our clients is by offering good products with below-average price, we also sincerely declared that your satisfaction will be guaranteed. For placing orders, please consult our web site or you can try our toll free number
1 866-979-7463 for further concerns.

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