Many HOT Blackberry Accessories arrived in store!

Many Blackberry Accessories are currently available at 123inkcartridges. No matter if you prefer blackberry Bold/ blackberry Torch series screen protectors, USB cables, earphones or chargers, you could count on us for our amazing deals starting from the price that is as low as $3.99. Don’t forget to apply our special 5% off coupon for saving even more!

Blackberry Torch 9800 Screen Protector

The mirror screen protector protects your blackberry Torch9800 against collision, dusts, bump, fingerprint or even waterdrops. The ultra-polymer overlays also reduce the glare visibility to the eyes, since the material adheres to screen by static, thus there won’t have any sticky residue remain on your screen.

Blackberry Torch 9800 Charger Kit

The 3-in-1 home & car charger kit for blackberry Torch 9800 enhances your overall performance by giving unlimited power supply, this item is coming with AC home charge, car charger and an USB cable inside the package, this will be your ultimate universal charging companion for your blackberry.

Earphone for Blackberry

The Earphone for Blackberry 3.5mm Mono ,AT&T Apple Iphone 3GS improved the efficiency how your manage your calls and musics, this item offers an acoustical fine tuned sound quality and at the same time a simple control panel, this feature allows you to control your music and phone remotely without touching to the screen.

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