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Brother LC3013 and LC3011 Ink for Printer MFC-J491DW

Have you heard of Brother Printer’s line of high-end printers? What about the Brother Printer model called the MFC-J491DW? If you haven’t, you definitely should have! With its high-quality printing,… Read more »

Choosing the Right Office Chair

One of the most crucial factors is ergonomics. Ergonomics is the study of work environment efficiency. It also relates to the comfort of a working environment. Check out this article exploring how ergonomic office chairs can prevent health problems caused by prolonged sitting. If you are working sitting down for extended periods of time, an office chair that is not ergonomic can cause stiffness, neck pain, and back pain. These kinds of issues lead to a lack of productivity.

The Best Toner for Laser Printers

HP CF248A toner saves printing cost while keeping high-quality prints. You can check it out here, and even better—it prints at the same quality level as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Original Equipment Manufacturer products refer to cartridges that belong to the company the printer is from. If your printer is HP, then cartridges directly from HP are OEM.

What Printer can Epson t802 Ink be used for?

This Epson t802 ink bundle from comes complete with black toner cartridges, along with three different color cartridges, which are contained all in one single unit. With warehouses on both the Western and Eastern sides of Canada, there is nothing holding up the shipping of your product as it will be shipped from the closest warehouse to your location. With a shelf life of two full years and a page yield of 2600 pages (1900 for the colored ink); there is nothing to complain about when it comes to this ink.

Introduction of Compatible HP 48A CF248A Black Toner Cartridge

Introduce the Compatible HP 48A CF248A Black Toner Cartridge. This toner cartridge is guaranteed to print at least 1000 pages without losing quality. There is no reason to waste money on expensive ink cartridges that only last as long as the cheap versions, especially when it in terms of a product like the Compatible HP 48A CF248A Black Toner Cartridge. The first page printed on a new cartridge will have the same saturation level as the 1000th page or it is your money back. This cartridge will let you know when it is time to change the unit once the color starts to fade from the saturated black of the first 1000 pages.

Everything you need for your HP OfficeJet Pro 8710

The OfficeJet Pro 8710 is a compact printer and it fits nicely in an office setting. The InkJet technology delivers crisp images and text regardless of your printing, copying, or scanning needs. The OfficeJet Pro 8710 is an all-in-one printer that gives you professional quality for half the cost-per-page than other competing laser printers. It is a versatile and accessible printer where you can print directly from your mobile device without hassle. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you want to do with your printer, the OfficeJet Pro 8710 is able to deliver.

Use The Least Amount Of Ink With The HP Officejet Pro 8710 or HP OfficeJet 7612

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 is a compact printer with the capability to print 22 pages per minute. It’s an all-in-one printer equipped with InkJet technology to produce clear images and text in professional-quality-colour while cutting the cost per page in half compared to laser printers.

The Complete Guide to Buy Mesh Office Chair that is Cheaper than Walmart and Staples

Has your office chair seen better days? Is that broken wheel being propped up with a telephone book? There are so many office chairs available today that it can be overwhelming when trying to make the right purchase for you. This is a complete guide to buy a mesh office chair in Canada. Here’s to hoping by the end of this post; you will have no doubts as to what you want!

How Long Does Tax Return Take Canada?

If your taxes were in order and there are no concerns on CRA’s part, you will receive your refund as soon as they are able to process it. Two weeks for online filing or eight weeks for paper filing via Canada post. Once you receive your refund, take stock of your office supplies and visit for all your office needs!

Is a kneeling chair good for you?

The modern iteration of the kneeling chair came into existence in 1979. But it is being considered by more people in recent years as an acceptable sitting solution due to the epidemic of back pains caused by contemporary chairs. The central idea behind a kneeling chair is to position the body in a way that promotes active sitting (different from passive sitting caused by normal chairs) that leads to back muscles being engaged to keep the sitter upright.
The kneeling chair does this by tilting your hips forward by supporting the bottom and thighs on one pad and the knees and shins on another pad in a kneeling position. There is typically no back support in the classical kneeling chairs (although there are now some iterations with back support which specialist believe defeats the original idea behind the kneeling chair). When seated in this position an individual is forced to keep an upright position that leads to healthy spinal curvature. This sitting position also leads to reduced back pain, core muscle development, and improved posture.

A Guide to Brother® Toner Cartridges

Brother LaserJet printers Cartridges have built a reputation for being reliable but also affordable. They have increasingly used in the home office as well as the small office. The range of brother LaserJet printers extends from the monochrome printers to the full-color printers with wireless printing capabilities. Brother as a brand has continued to evolve to ensure that users continue to find them relevant.
Along with the printers themselves, the consumables i.e. the toner cartridges are also built to be as reliable and dependable as the printers. The Brother toner cartridges have and are receiving good reviews for being easy to install, low maintenance and giving high print quality.

How to Remove Ink Cartridge Stains on Carpet

Your ink cartridge just fell out of your hands and went everywhere on the carpet. So now what? Do you replace the carpet? Move the furniture to cover up the stain? Or do you simply follow a few basic steps to safely, quickly and efficiently remove those pesky ink cartridge stains on the carpet? The latter definitely wins, hands down, so let’s find out just how to remove ink cartridge stains from your carpet!