Which Printer has the Cheapest Ink Cartridges? #2

Once again, we are going to talk about the printer that has the cheapest ink cartridges, making this Part 2 of a two-part series.  If you are seriously considering buying a printer to use at home or light business use, then the price of ink is one of the biggest concerns because so many printers are cheap, but the ink is astronomical in price once it must be replaced. Below you will find our second list of printers, all of which are Brother brand yet again, and a brief overview of the cheapest ink cartridges available, as well the pricing for them here at 123Ink.ca.

Brother Printers Win Again

Printers requiring Brother ink cartridges win again in the cheapest category. There are several options available for Printer MFC-J280W. A single compatible black ink cartridge costs only $4.99. The price goes up from there. Compatible black ink is available in a 3-pack for just $16.99. Compatible multi-colored ink packs with four cartridges are just $14.99. A 10-pack of multi-colored compatible ink is only $29.99. Brother Genuine ink is more expensive with the single black pack costing $19.99 for standard yield or $29.99 for high yield. Multi-colored packs are $44.99. A definite difference in price.

Rather than make a redundant list, repeating all the same information, we will inform you that this pricing is similar for the following printers: Printer MFC-J425W, Printer MFC-J430W, Printer MFC-J435W, Printer MFC-J625DW, Printer MFC-J825DW and Printer MFC-J835DW, which all take Brother LC71 Ink and Brother LC75 Ink.

Most consumers are on a budget and want to find the cheapest deal possible. Ink is not a necessity in many households, however, it is useful and if you are running a business printing is required at times. That’s why here at 123Ink.ca we offer affordable prices on Brother ink cartridges. Buy now and save money!

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