SONY Earphone splitter 3.5mm Aluminium–always share and enjoy

We always want to share beautiful things with our lovers or friends especially for nice music. Is it possible to share a song with my friends at the same time I am listening it with only one palyer? Definitely! This SONY Earphone splitter 3.5mm Aluminium make it possible now.

This is a brand new Earphone splitter from SONY company which enable you to connect two headphone one time. This Aluminium splitter have one 3.5mm input and two 3.5mm output which make it possible to connect two headphone at the same time. This 3.5mm splitter have compact and flexible designed for easy installation character. Just plug two sets of headphones into one headphone jack so you and a friend can listen to all those tunes you’ve got stored on your iPod, CD, or MP3 players! . Also, this connector can extend the length of your earphone if you are thinking your headphone is not enough long. Then this earphone adaptor would be helpful. This 3.5mm Aluminium splitter match with any MP3 and any kinds of ipods which use 3.5mm headphone.

Still listening to your favorable music lonely? Now, you can enjoy any music with your friends or family at the same time with this Earphone splitter. Call your friends for a music feast now. It is available in store with a cheap price of $12.99. Click here for more.

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