Carry Your iPhone 4/4S with Style: The Maclove Elegant leather iPhone Cases

Maclove Elegant leather case for iPhone 4

Maclove Elegant leather case for iPhone 4

The Maclove Elegant leather iPhone case defender is a slim case designed exclusively for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. 123InkCartridges introduce to you this great leather cases for iPhone with only $27.99. The iPhone leather defender also comes out with two different colors: Red and Black.

The Maclove Elegant iPhone 4/4S Cases is hand crafted from high quality glossy leather. Also with a super soft lining which can perfect protect your iPhone 4/4S against abrasions and scratches. Because of it has the slim curve leather design, it can fit in most of small bags. Moreover, the Maclove elegant leather case for iPhone also has a ribbon strap, which allows for people easy removal for their iPhone 4. As easy as pull up on the ribbon strap and your iPhone 4/4S emerges smoothly from the elegant leather cases.

Red representative passion, Black representative elegant, which would you prefer? If you are buying over $49, you will enjoy our Free Shipping service. Furthermore, give our more advices, we will do it better for our customers. “Like” our 123InkCartridges Facebook, and enjoy our new events!!!

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