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Top 5 Photo-Quality Ink Cartridges

TOP1 Lexmark 12A1990 (No. 90) OEM Photo Color Ink Cartridge This Lexmark 12A1990 OEM cartridges are genuine Lexmark ink cartridges and Lexmark 12A1990 OEM Cartridgecartridge goal is to provide the ultimate printing experience. This cartridge is a color ink cartridge

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How to Refill and Reuse a Printer Cartridge?

When you start with a new digital camera, filming dozens of photos, and then download them to your computer, then print out some pictures, the ink cartridge has run out, so you have to replace a new cartridge, this time,

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How to Replace Ink Cartridges on a Canon Printer

Replacing ink cartridges on a Canon Printer is not that difficult. But now an instruction will be shown below for you, teaching you how to replace ink cartridges in the right way. There are four steps for you to follow.

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Ink Cartridge Troubleshooting Tips Part 1

We all know that the Compatible Ink Cartridges are used widely in printers at home and offices. Thus, I’m sure there may be a lot of troubles come out. So, you’d better have a look at the product manual and

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How to Save Money on Printer Ink Cartridges

As the rapid economic and technology growth needs, printer is the necessity device for the office and home .However, a printer ink cartridges will take a great cost,To maintain a printer with a good cost is really an important case

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How to Reset the Ink Cartridge in an HP Printer

   Update: 11/10/16 If this is your first time  who is unsure about our product & services, I will make some points at the follow why choosing 123inkcartridges is such a great idea : We offer all types of ink & toner

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Printer Ink Cartridges & Toner for Back to School

Usually, it is a good time to buy things related to the school use when new school term coming. I think you also know that it is a good opportunity, so lucky to come here and meet this article. In

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Canadian NO.1 Source for Printer ink cartridges and Laser printer toner cartridges.

123ink.ca,the number one source for printer ink cartridges and laser printer toner cartridges in Canada,which has been providing quality compatible toners and inks for many years,and have received good reputations from the most customers due to its high quality and

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Understanding Ink Cartridge Terminology and Inkjet Definition

For the one who has been looking through Google for the common terminology or definition for  the ink cartridges, we hope that this blog will be helpful for you, if you got any question or concern regarding to ink cartridges

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Why our printer cartridges have chips, what does it mean to you?

If you have spent tremendously amount of money buying ink cartridges for the your printers, then you must have aware the fact that most of the modern printer cartridges do have little circuit board which attached on your printer, we

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