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Histoire de la marque Primecables- Canada n°1 magasin de câbles en ligne

L’établissement de la marque Primecables à commencer avec une vraie histoire qui c’est passer pendant le dur hiver de 2013, quand notre directeur du marketing, Andrew, a eu son câble de téléphone portable détruit par Zuzu, son chat adoré. Puisque

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Things you don’t know about “Primecables”, AKA Canadian Monoprice!

The establishment of the Primecables brand started with a true story that happened during the harsh winter of 2013, when one of our colleague- Andrew, accidentally had his cable destroyed by his beloved cat Zuzu. Considering his mobile phone was

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Planning to Buy an New TV at Boxing Day? You Should Get HDMI Cable First

Are you going to buy an new TV at Boxing Day? We advise you get HDMI cable first, which is essential to your TV’s picture quality. What is HDMI and where to buy HDMI Cable in Canada? HDMI is short

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HDMI cable buying guide from Monoprice’s Top Reseller in Canada

Type There are 4 types of HDMI cables when it comes to TVs. They are high standard speed with Ethernet, standard speed without Ethernet, high speed with Ethernet and high speed without Ethernet. Standard speed cables can handle definition up

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Where to Buy Monoprice HDMI Cables in Canada!

Just in case if you still don’t know “what is a hdmi cable”, a hdmi cable is a new technology which allows you to connect both audio/video signals into one solid cable (rather than component cables). This type of new

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2×4 Monoprice HDMI Switch Splitter at Primecables Now

Are you Canadian customer who is currently looking for Monoprice cable splitter but unwilling to pay the high shipping fee from US? We are offering you a great solution where customers can order Monoprice cable accessories including cable splitter, cable

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How to buy HDMI cables form Monoprice in Canada

In present days people are more likely to use all the updated and latest models from their dress to the technology. In the case of TVs the facts are also true and people are more likely to use the latest

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Where do you buy your 50ft HDMI cable? Primecables will offer you the best cable deal in town!

Are you still ordering long length HDMI cable from Monoprice? Now you can simple order all monoprice cable accessories at Primecables now, we qualified as one of Monoprice’s reseller in Canada, with our fast shipment plus the lower shipping fee,

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Get Mini HDMI to VGA HD-15 Male Cable at PrimeCables

                Are you looking for monoprice alternative for your cable needs in Canada? Now we are offering a solution for you to buy monoprice cable accessories in Canada with even cheaper price, at

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Rocketfish HDMI cable is out of stock! But there are more to come ! [Cheaper than Monoprice]

                      Have you read about the complain and discussion about Monoprice cable’s higher shipping fee? Now with the same & sometimes even cheaper cost, you will be able to purchase

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