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Using a Writing Desk and Mesh Office Chair to Modify Your Home Office Experience!

You do not have to be an interior decorator or have a high budget to modify or change up your home office experience. You just need a little creative flair, some ideas and poof! your office will be transformed! For

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How Much Space Do I Need to Make a Modular Office?

Are you planning your office space or planning on expanding your existing office space? Are you moving to new office space? Are you asking yourself, “How much space do I need to make a modular office?” Vanguard Modular Building Systems

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How to Choose an Office Chair for Your Business?

In another blog post titled, How to Choose an Office Chair by Material, we mentioned that there are four necessities in a good office chair. They are worth repeating, so here they are again: Full swivel. Your chair should complete

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Get a Mesh Office chair for Cheap during Boxing Day

Boxing Day sales are here! Do you know people who start their Christmas shopping the day after Christmas? Are your eyes bugging out of your head just thinking about that? As unfathomable as shopping a year in advance is, there

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Are Mesh Office Chairs Durable?

Ever wonder how your surroundings affect your mood or productivity at home or the office? If not, give it some thought now. How likely are you to “feel” like working if you cannot find what you are looking for or

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How to Save Money on Mesh Office Chairs during the Christmas Holiday Season and Boxing Day

Getting a good deal requires you know where and when the deal is happening.  This is the festive season, we all know that the Christmas holidays will soon be here and Boxing Day Sales follows immediately after.  We expect most

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What’s the Best Mesh Office Chair to Buy on Black Friday Sale – a Look at 123Ink.ca’s Top 3!

If your neck feels tight, your shoulders sting, and your back aches down in the lower regions after some time spent at your office desk and computer; then it is probably time to invest in a new office chair. Don’t

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See Massive Office Chair Discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 from 123Ink.ca

Have you suddenly noticed that each time you settle in for some office cleanup work on your computer, your back starts to ache after only a few minutes? Are you scrounging for pillows or supports to toss behind your back

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Check out our Best Deals before Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Are you ready to save some money? Are you ready to find that perfect Christmas gift for that person in your life that is the hardest to shop for? What about finding that last-minute gift to give to the person

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The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discount Office Chairs!

If you’re ready for Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday, it means you’ve got your budget established, your internet connection ready, your alarm clock set and you’re all set up for some serious shopping. And if it’s a good deal

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