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How Do I Know if My Printer is Clogged (head/nozzle)?

Whenever the quality of your prints is diminished it is important to ask yourself some questions to resolve the issue. Is the printer out of ink? Is there a paper jam? Is my printhead/nozzle clogged? 8 Signs that Your Printer

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How to recycle Empty Toner Cartridges

The printer toner is most useful when it is supplying the ink for the printed pages.  Right? No actually, it is also useful when it is empty and the printer indicates that there is no more ink within the printer

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How to remove Ink Cartridge Stains on Carpet

Replacing the ink cartridges from your printer can really be a messy affair. It is essential to clean it as fast as possible to improve your chances of being able to remove it completely. The method to follow will depend

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How to Choose a Multifunction Printer for Home

              Many people have requested me question like “how to choose a multifunction printer?” so I believe it’s a great chance to spend some content in here to address this issue. To start with,

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Comment mettre à jour les pilotes d’imprimante pour Windows?

Si votre imprimante ne peut pas reconnaître les cartouches lors de l’installation, même si vous avez essayé toutes les procédures de résolution de problèmes. Dans ce cas, vous devez mettre à jour le pilote de votre imprimante. Voici la procédure

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Comment vérifier les niveaux d’encre dans mon imprimante?

Certains de nos clients peuvent avoir des questions comme: ‘‘Comment voir le niveau d’encre dans mon imprimante?’’  ‘‘Pourquoi mon imprimante ne peut pas lire le niveau d’encre?’’ Cet article donne des informations détaillées pour résoudre les problèmes. Voici la procédure

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