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Home Office & Décor Ideas That May Fall Under The Radar

An office chair for home, a desk, notebooks, and pens. These are the mandatory items for a home office (supposedly), but what can complete a home office is the items that often fall under the radar when creating a workspace.

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123ink.ca is the Place to Shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

What possible time of the year is better for shopping at great deals than Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales? And if it’s office supplies you’re looking for, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’re going to give

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New Stylish Metal Magazine File Holder!

New Stylish Metal Magazine File Holder—the Best Seller of Desk Accessories at 123ink.ca! Current design, unbeatable prices, one of the must have items for your office and your home. Enrich your office or decorate your home with our stylish metal

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Best price ever! Office Accessorises’ on Sale!

Office Accessories’ on Sale in 123ink.ca with the best price ever! Such as: Desk Organizer, Magazine file holder, Desk Tray, and copy paper. Model Products Price 9126B Desk Organizer II $2.99 9305 3-Tier Magazine File holder $6.99 9207 Desk Tray

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Maximize Your Space & Efficiency with 123Ink

Desk and drawer organizers are officially available at 123ink.ca now! Maximize you space and schematize your documents and magazine, 123ink.ca is your ideal destination for any kinds of organizers that you need for your work. Were you desperate when you

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Fresh Style Fresh Office Supply

Now at 123ink.ca, we not only offer printer supplies, but also office products, such as gel pen, whiteboard marker, and desk organizers etc. Contemporary design fresh style — together with 123ink.ca, decorate your office and maximize your working efficiency. We

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