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More Desk Accessories Combo pack arrived in store

Our Desk Accessories Combo pack has arrived in store, the idea for promoting our combo pack is to help the clients who like to organize and prioritize the working atmosphere,… Read more »

Desk Accessory Sets Redefine Your Work Space!

Desk accessory sets are getting increasingly popular at 123ink.ca, redefine your work space with our stylish desk accessory sets now! While you spend one third of your day at work,… Read more »

Stylish Metal Magazine File Holder! Unbeatable Prices!

Stylish Metal Magazine File Holder—the Best Seller of Desk Accessories at 123ink.ca! Current design, unbeatable prices, one of the must have items for your office and your home. No need… Read more »

Office supplies! Weekly special!

Weekly special of office supplies in 123ink.ca! Include of Binders, Presentation books, Memo pads, circled clips, desk accessories organizers, Markers, Pens, and Correction Tape. With the high-quality products it will… Read more »

Summer, School & Saving!

Back to school season in this hot summer, are you ready for Great Savings on school products? 123ink.ca, online supplier for stationery such as pens & markers, binders & folders,… Read more »

Combo set for desk accessories! Best price ever!

We 123ink.ca are providing 14 combo sets for the Desktop&Drawers organizer. Every combo set includes of 5-6 pieces of desktop organizers with the price of starting from $12.58. [TABLE=67] For… Read more »

Maximize Your Space & Efficiency with 123Ink

Desk and drawer organizers are officially available at 123ink.ca now! Maximize you space and schematize your documents and magazine, 123ink.ca is your ideal destination for any kinds of organizers that… Read more »