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Buy Video Cable in Bulk from Primecables to Save More!

After investing your time and money in a TV or other AV equipment, it is important for you to choose the appropriate type and quality of cables to connect. Low quality cables can allow noise and interference to compromise the

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Video Cables Buying Guide for Black Friday Season

As modern home theatre systems have more and more components, owners can’t only connect one video cable from the antenna like the time when television first entered home. Nowadays, with the development of video technology, the connectors and cables used

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Network Cable Buying Guide for Black Friday

Network cables are used to connect computers to networks, modems, or routers via a wired connection. As we all know, under normal circumstance, wired connection are more stable and reliable than wireless connection. Choosing the right cable for your home

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Black Friday Tips: Avoid Paying Overpriced HDMI Cables

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, as it can carry both video and audio signals, it is playing a more and more important role in home cinemas and home entertainment systems nowadays. HDMI Cable was first introduced in 2003,

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Top 10 Christmas Cable Gift Guide Suggestion from Primecables

As Chrismas Day approching, many people are busy considering what kind of presents should they buy as presents for their friends. Choosing proper presents is never a simple task, because all of us has different taste and preference. My suggestion

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Build your home theatre set up before Christmas boxing day

As the High Definition TV are becoming more and more affordable for most people, the home theatre systems have exploded in popularity as well. A good home theatre system can offer you the superior effect, both in audio and video

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It’s never too late to get your hdmi cable before Cyber Monday Nov. 30th

Nowadays, HDMI Cable is becoming one of the most dominant cable types among consumer electronics, as a high-speed modern home theater connector, it is not only limited to home theater connection, it can also extend into gaming and portable devices.

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Importance of Testing Network Cable

Nowadays, Internet is widely used in business and daily life, especially the broadband Internet, is the most used way of Internet, can provide an access of high speed for business users or individual users. Network connectivity is of great importance

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Importance of A Good Network Cable

Twenty years ago, the computer industry is comparatively backward, most business were still run on paper, at that time the working efficiency was not high, and it was not easy to make a cooperation among countries. Nowadays, the era is

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Pick the Right Cable for Your Home Network

While selecting a cable to support your home network, you should know that there are several types of patch cables. These common types of network cables include:Cat5 / Cat6 / Cat7 cable. These cables are all very helpful to people

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