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What are The Products That Use USB Type C Cable ?

At today’s digital time, there are more and more new-style devices, and all of these would require for a cable as well as the most common one is the USB cable. By far, USB is the most important and widespread

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Cyber Monday Cable Deal

On Black Friday, many online stores will offer a big discount to attract customers. Are you still want to buy something cheap after Black Friday? Continue to buy on Cyber Monday is a good choice for you. It is time

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Cyber Monday Tips: Don’t Buy HDMI Audio Cable in Store, Buy it Online!

primecables.com has been a Cyber Monday favorite for years. The only thing could you do is that to make sure you have a chance to shop deep discounts on the products what you want on Cyber Monday. Consistently offering fantastic

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Your Best Black Friday Deal to Buy Network Cable Online

Black Friday 2015 may have ended, but experienced deal shoppers know that hot sales are available year-round on primecables.com. Now, a new Black Friday in 2016 is coming, the only thing could you make sure is that you have a

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Boxing Day Speaker Wire Sale for Your Home Theater Set Up

Speaker wire is one of the most often overlooked components of an audio system. Wire size and construction can affect a system’s performance and reliability, if you want to prepare a speaker wire for your home theater on Boxing Day,

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It’s the Time to Upgrade Your HDMI Cable Before the Chrismas Arrived

Chrismas Day is approaching. Most people like to invite friends to go to their houses to chat and play. Those people who have children like to share pictures to their friends and to show how adorable their children are. However,

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Prepare Your HDMI Cable during Cyber Monday

If you just purchased a new TV or computing machine, you want to watch your favorite movies with your best friend or you want to play games with your family. You’ll need an HDMI cable. There are a lot of

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The Best Network Cables Deals at Cyber Monday

On Black Friday, many stores will offer big discount to attract customers. All of us will be fascinated by the various discounts and the various of products which make most of us will buy a lot of things on Black

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Why Choosing Cat 7 Cable Pays Off?

Cat 7 Patch Cable, formally known as Class F Cable, is used as a cabling infrastructure for 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet, or GbE) and 10GBASE-T (10-Gigabit Ethernet, or 10 GbE) networks. It can offer performance up to 600MHz, super fast,isn’t it? 

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Something You Should Know About DIY Network Cable

Some people like to make network cables by themselves instead of buying the ready-made cables. It is not just because they enjoy the process of building something, but also because making a network cable is comparatively less expensive than buying

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