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See Cheap Office Accessories for Black Friday 2018 including Luggage Sets and Chairs

Are you in need of cheap office accessories and supplies? Maybe you work for a company that will go halves on the cost of a new piece of equipment that will make your office feel more like a home. If

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Top 5 Black Friday Office Supply Products on 123Ink.ca

Black Friday sale allows us to explore beyond the usual suspects for office supplies (like these home décor ideas & chair buying guide). There are office supplies that never make it to the top of the mandatory list but are essential

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The Best Black Friday 2018 Deals on Printers, Ink, Toner, and More!

Let Us Help You Black Friday sale is coming. Hint, here’s a 20% off and free shipping code: BF2018. For the best deals on anything, you may need pertaining to printers, ink, toner, office supplies, office chairs, and more – the

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Plan Holiday Shopping in Advance… for Once

You’ve never shopped in advance before, and in the week before Christmas, you’re in the mess that is the local shopping mall trying to grasp at whatever is left on the racks for another year of mediocre present giving. It’s

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Get the best Ergonomic Backrest Support on Black Friday Sales

With all the time we spend sitting, it’s no coincidence that our sitting posture is one of the largest factors in causing back pain.  This is because the average human when sitting over a long period of time slouches into

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Check Out Our Warehouse Moving Sale Before Black Friday

Black Friday is quickly approaching, but if door crasher deals aren’t your style or you can’t afford to wait to restock for another few weeks, you’ll be pleased to note that select office supplies are already marked down considerably—and will

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You Have Waited All Year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Canadians might celebrate Thanksgiving a bit earlier than our southern neighbours, but one trend that we’ve certainly jumped on board with is Black Friday sales. The day after American Thanksgiving—which falls on Friday, November 23 this year—is widely known for

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Early Black Friday Bar Stools Sales

  Hanging out is a term associated with going out, likely to a bar with a group of friends and having a good time talking, laughing and having fun.  This easy, fun going, and pleasant environment is what we like

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Office Chair Buying Guide for Black Friday Season

Productivity is a buzzword for office workers.  And an easily overlooked (as well as being critical) input to workforce productivity (and wellbeing) is something we see and use every day but take for granted. –  Yes, it is the boring

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Must Have Black Friday Shopping List

Knock, knock! Who’s there? BLACK FRIDAY Sales! And 123Ink makes no exception when it comes to Black Friday items that you need, but wanted to get at a special discounted price. Let’s go through some of the items that caught

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