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Best printing app for ipad

Recently, the news of Ipad 2 become the headline of media. Seldom tablet computer have such influence like Ipad2 can draw all concern. People will doubt that what can you do use the Ipad 2??? In my opinion, all things are possible when you use Ipad2., including drive the printer to print picture or any file directly. Actually, when Ipad 2 upgrade to new version IOS4.2, a new function was called Airprint will appear on the Ipad 2 document file. Airprint is a new function which use wifi to transmit signal to print all the things. With Airprint you don’t need to download any software, install any drive program or connect any wire cable. It can make your printing out in a easier way.Once turn on the print wireless mode, click the Airprint on the screen, you can enjoy the new print experience. Two feature of Airprint: Totally wireless: Don’t need to connect with wire cable, Ipad can search the support Airprint printer automatically. Connect with printer by wifi, print as you need, no matter in far distance room, different floor or adjoining rooms.  All things possible: With Airprint, you can print all things from Ipad document file. Airprint can compatible with safari ,mail , picture,and support third part drive program. Airprint is the iOS feature that allows wireless printing directly from

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How to Print From Your iPhone 4

May be many people are still do not know yet, with the advanced technology, the Apple`s iOS 4.3 system, you will be able to use amazing feature such as AirPrint. With the AirPrint feature on hand, you will be able

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How to Print From Your iPad

                                I remember that back to the day when Apple release to its iPad, there is no simple way for us to print out the

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What printers can be used with iPad

We have always thought about not just offering cheap qualified ink cartridges but from now on we are going to introduce some affordable printers which fully attuned with the recent technologies that have existed in the market, meanly the prevalence

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AirPrint enabled Printers selling at 123InkCartridges.ca

  In case if you still do not know what is “AirPrint”, it is basically an application which allows you to print pictures, files via mobile application, the only thing what you will need is to get a printer that

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