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How to Update Printer Drivers Supported in Windows

If your printer can not recognize the cartridges during installation even though you tried all the problem-solving procedure. In this case, you have to update the driver of your printer…. Read more »

How to Refill Cartridges with Universal Refill Kit

Recently, we received our customers’ questions like ‘How to refill my cartridges with the universal refill kit?’ and ‘To buy a new compatible cartridges or to refill cartridges by myself,… Read more »

Installing Epson T060, T069, T078, T088 Series

Headache again about installing Epson T060, T069, T078, T088 series ink? Don’t worry, just follow the instructions step by step, the problem will be solved. Some people may ask “Why… Read more »

The Different Design of Patent and Normal CLI-8

Recently we receive some questions about “Why the volume of Canon CLI-8 series is 12.6ml compare to 13.8ml as before?”, and “Why the tearing paper is on the opposite side?”… Read more »

The different design of G&G Brother LC51 Ink Compatible and OEM

Currently, we received some inquiries asking why the size of Brother LC51 ink Compatible is so small. Please don`t worry, the quality is still the same as OEM. To save… Read more »

Canon CLI-8 Ink How to Replace Chip

Canon CLI-8 series ink cartridges without chip and PGI-5BK ink cartridge without a chip are some of the best selling compatible ink cartridges of our store, 123 Ink Cartridges Canada…. Read more »