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Canon PGI270 and Canon CLI271 for Printer TS5020

Canon has an understandably impressive reputation for their high-quality electronics, and millions of Canadian offices contain Canon printers. Of course, the offices of the Boomer generation looked a little different… Read more »

How to Install Canon PGI-280XL and CLI-281XL Ink Cartridges

The Canon PGI-280XL and CLI-281XL Ink Cartridges are designed to work with the Canon “TS” and “TR” PIXMA series printers.  The Canon PIXMA TS6120 is one of the printers in… Read more »

What Ink Does the Canon TS8120 Printer Use?

The Canon Pixma TS8120 has a very interesting cartridge alignment, based on the 6 individual ink system included. As you first order your printer, you will receive all 6 cartridges: pigmented black (Canon PGI-280), black (Canon CLI-281), cyan (Canon CLI-281), magenta (Canon CLI-281), yellow (Canon CLI-281) and photo blue (Canon CLI-281). When one or all the cartridges run out of ink, you can replace each one of them individually, or you can opt for a more convenient combo pack. In order for the printer to work, each cartridge needs to be installed and have a minimum amount of ink to start printing. Whenever one of the cartridges is running low on ink, the printer will activate the appropriate alert.

Canon PG-245 / CL-246 Cartridge Installation and Troubleshooting Guide

This post is to help you with your ink cartridge installation and troubleshoot any issues that may or may not come up. How to Install Canon PG-245 / Canon CL-246… Read more »