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Boxing Day Printers Sales Special Guide

Happy Boxing Day! Here is the printer’s sales special guide to Boxing Day! Our 123Ink keep a well stock of printers and you can buy the superior printers such Brother printers, HP printers at a very favorable price on this

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Ideas for 3d Print Christmas Ornament

The Happy Christmas is coming! Now you must plan to how to decorate your house for Christmas. Through the 3D print, you can make the Christmas decoration yourself, that includes Christmas trees, Christmas presents and so on. The ornament which

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3D Printer Price Drops,You save $400.00 (28%)

You are lucky to come here for a 3D printer in store, where the IdeaWerk™ Desktop 3D Printer is on sale for 28% discount. This is a Pre-Order Item, if you order it here; the arriving date should be

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The Most Consumer-Friendly IdeaWerk 3D printer

With a Desktop 3D printer, what you can do? You’ll be able to make custom items for your home, such as replacement parts, tools or fixings, kitchenware and homemade Christmas decoration. It’s convenient and easy. There is no need for

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Here is your CHEAPEST 3D printer in Canada !

From education to the most stringent requirements of business application, IdeaWerk  Desktop 3D Printer can meet a variety of professional applications, including education, digital concept into the real world, the ideas into students can really grip in the hands of

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IdeaWerk Desktop 3D Printer

The high performance to price ratio, high resolution IdeaWerk  Desktop 3D Printer for your office 3D Printer. The series with a minimum floor space, high efficiency to achieve 28 micron thick, high resolution sample making, using IdeaWerk high performance Desktop

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The world popular IdeaWerk Desktop 3D printer

Are you wanna shop for a 3D printer ? Here ,at you can order IdeaWerk Desktop 3D Printer now.Take a look at the up! Why use a D printer?You can customize your own items for home.You can make your

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A brief introduction of IdeaWerkTM Desktop 3D Printer

The 3D Printer provides a synergy of performance and convenience with no match to other printer in its class. It assembles easily and uses patented technology to make 3D printing simple and efficient for all types of projects. Its design

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