What Is The Best Printer Ink Cartridge For Canon?

When it comes to choosing the best printer ink cartridges for Canon, you have lots of printer-compatible choices available. Your Canon PIXMA TS3420 printer will tell you what printer cartridge is best, outlining it in its manual, on its packaging, and also you can use the old cartridge to tell you.

After you know how to identify the best printer ink for your printer, the next step is figuring out where and how to get the best quality ink cartridge.

You can buy retail, online, go to the manufacturer, buy remanufactured ink, or refill an existing cartridge. If you’re looking to keep prices low, buying remanufactured Canon ink cartridges online can save you 30% or more off manufacture-made ink.

A High-Quality Ink Cartridge

Canon printers are very affordable but when it comes to the ink, they can add up in cost. Don’t let this discourage you or drive you to buy low-quality ink cartridges. That’s a very bad move. Improperly-filled cartridges can work poorly or damage your printer.

A lot can go wrong with poor-quality ink that’s not from a remanufactured cartridge or from the manufacturer:

  • Error messages on the printer.
  • Impurities in the ink can block the print heads.
  • The cartridges might leak inside the Canon printer.
  • Print quality can be hit-and-miss with streaks and incomplete printing.
  • The ink can start to fade after it’s printed, i.e. if it’s a color ink.

Always buy from a brand you trust. That’s an absolute must. If you don’t buy in retail or from the manufacturer, ensure you know the brand.

An ink cartridge for a Canon PIXMA TS3420 printer is a great example of a premium Canon ink cartridge. You can get remanufactured Canon ink from ink123.ca and similar sources, where there’s confidence that the cartridge has been properly put together.

Best Canon Printer Ink

  • Canon PG-260/CL-261 is one of the best two-cartridge Canon printer ink systems, perfect for black-and-white printing.
  • Canon 054 is a high-capacity printer ink cartridge that will provide consistent, reliable printing, increasing your page count in a big, big way.
  • Canon PGI-280/CLI-281 is a more versatile multi-ink system that performs well for an ink cartridge on a budget.
  • Canon PFI-300 LUCIA PRO is perhaps the best Canon printer ink for photos for rich, deep color.
  • Canon CLI-65 ChromaLife 100+ is an 8-cartridge ink set that’s designed for professional-grade printing. An ink cartridge and printer like this will allow you to print across glossy paper in both color and black and white.

If you have a Canon inkjet printer, make sure the ink cartridge you buy is compatible with your printer. After you have that information, it’s just a matter of getting the best price on what you’re buying and verifying its quality. Shop the best Canon printer inks from ink123.ca today.

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