What Are The Best Canon Printer Ink Cartridges?

Don’t be confused by the best Canon printer ink cartridges on the market. You have several cartridges to pick from, each suitable for a different printer. Canon is a top printer brand, selling ink cartridges in various sizes. Ensuring you have the right one for your printer is everything.

Here are the best Canon printer ink cartridges rated in 2022.

Canon PG-260

The Canon PG-260 is a fairly standard Canon black ink cartridge that is used in various Canon printers. They are very inexpensive, work well, and can be bought in multiples, saving on ink cartridge costs in the long-term.

Canon PG-270

Canon PG-270 series ink cartridges are meant for individual ink cartridges which are in use in certain Canon printers. If you print a lot of photos and use one of these multi-cartridge Canon printers, it can be a great purchase.

Canon PGI-280

Canon PGI-280 ink is one of the best Canon printer ink cartridges with an average cost per page of 6.2 cents. The more ink you buy, the better this cost per page is. If you are using a printer for business, there are lots of other ink cartridges that are comparable in terms of page count.

Low-Cost Alternatives

If you’re looking for an ink cartridge for a Canon PIXMA TS3320 printer, you want not only quality but affordability as well.

There are certainly some low-cost alternatives to OEM Canon ink cartridges. Refilled or remanufactured ink cartridges save on money and can be purchased online from sites like ink123.ca that are already shaving a bit off the price.

If budget’s a concern, going through an online site like ink123.ca will certainly save you more than what you’ll find through any other retailer or purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

Higher-Yield Cartridges

If you aren’t sure about the standard set of Canon ink cartridges, try for a high-yield cartridge instead.

A high-yield cartridge is typically given a tag of either XL or XXL and is essentially the same cartridge but filled with more ink. More ink equates to a more expensive buy. It also reduces the cost per page.

For example, a standard PG-280 ink cartridge yields about 200 pages but a high-yield PG-280XXL cartridge will be able to do about 600 pages, bringing down cost per page from 7.9 cents to 5.8 cents.

Look for the best Canon ink cartridges on the market at ink123.ca. Buy in bulk and keep your cartridges sealed for up to two years in the original packaging. You’ll have the ink ready when you need it. From the acclaimed Canon PGI-280 series to 245XL, find the printer ink cartridges you need at ink123.ca.

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