The Ultimate Guide To Pantum Toner Cartridges in 2022

Pantum toner cartridges are among the most underrated, high-performance printer products available. They’re easy to install, affordably priced, and can be purchased via, deliverable to your front door without you having to go anywhere.

Why Buy Pantum Printers

Pantum, like other brands, offer printers in different models, sizes, and designs. Buying a toner cartridge for Pantum P2500W printers, you will find this is an excellent model for students, home offices, and small businesses.

A laser toner cartridge is built from the drum component and the toner cartridge. The drum maintains a service life of 12,000 pages for a standard drum and 25,000 pages for a high-volume drum.

The toner cartridges themselves require a replacement every 1,500 pages for a standard low-volume cartridge, up to 6,000 pages for a high-volume Pantum toner cartridge, or 11,000 pages maximum for a super-large volume cartridge.

Cost Per Page Of Pantum Toner Cartridges

Cost per page is a solid metric to use when analyzing toner cartridges as it’ll tell you how affordable a specific toner is. A high cost per page may also be a signifier that the printer isn’t overall a great model.

The total cost per page from a Pantum toner cartridge is around $0.02 which is lower than comparable printers from Brother, HP, Samsung, and Lexmark whose cost per page is $0.05 on average.

When you choose Pantum toner, expect a yield of up to 1,600 pages, optimum for low-yield performance.

Pantum Toner Offers Excellent Quality

If you want to get the best quality from your Pantum toner, make sure you are buying real Pantum toner or Pantum-compatible toner to start. You don’t want to choose a toner that lacks compatibility or that’s low-quality. Here are some more tips on how to protect and use toner cartridges.

  • Store toner cartridges in a dry and dark place.
  • Do not get the toner cartridge wet.
  • Toner is flammable. Do not place near heat.
  • Do not continue to use the toner if it is leaking.
  • Do not refill the toner cartridge yourself as it could damage your Pantum printer.
  • Be sure to replace the drum component when it is required or your toner will not work effectively.

Also, before installing your Pantum toner cartridge, grip it by the handle and shake it 5-6 times. Toner inside is a powder. A quick shake will allow it to uniformly disperse in the cartridge and prepare it for use. If you ever need to troubleshoot a new toner cartridge, you can also give it a shake.

Pantum toner cartridges offer strong performance, an easy setup, and will fulfill all of your toner needs. Get yours today at

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