The Best 5 Printer Toner Cartridges of 2022

What toner you buy matters and the best printer toner cartridge for you will depend on your printer.

Whether you are low on toner, completely out of toner, or are looking to buy a new cartridge, it ties back to what printer you have, where you buy printer toner cartridges, and whether the toner is original, compatible, remanufactured, refilled, or a knockoff. Here are the best printer toner cartridges of 2022.

HP 85A CE285A

HP toner has excellent printing quality, HP printers are widely popularized, and their toner is not hard to find.

HP and Canon are probably the two biggest names in home printing. HP toner provides an accurate, crisp print with consistency. Like with other toners, HP are available in standard, high-yield, and above, each appropriate for different printing behaviour.

Canon 137 9435B001

Canon is another brand with a mix of ink and toner cartridges that are perfected for home use.

Although Canon is inexpensive and easy to use, if you’re doing a high volume of printing, a different cartridge and printer may be best. In the Canon category, it’s the Canon 137 9435B001 that gets our vote as their best in 2022.

Samsung MLT-D101S

Samsung MLT-D101S is a great toner. You won’t find many Samsung printers in use in homes as they tend to trail in popularity compared to names already mentioned.

If you can’t find a Samsung toner in local retail, don’t worry. You can shop online at where you’ll find Samsung toners and inks, and other printer accessories.

Brother DR630

Brother has some excellent and affordable printers. The toner is relatively cheap in price and provides a strong return in terms of cost per page and the sheer amount of printing that’s possible.

When you’re looking for efficient toner cartridges for a home printer, Brother DR630 and comparable Brother toners are must-have. If you are looking for a toner cartridge for a Brother DCP-L2540DW printer, this is it.

Lexmark B221H00

Lexmark printer toner cartridges are another reliable, inexpensive option for a home or office printer.

The Lexmark B221H00, like other toners on this list, offer a fair cost per print and are an efficient option for a printer you’re using regularly. If you have doubts about what to buy and you’re using a Lexmark printer, rest assured there are some excellent toner cartridges out there with this being one.

These are some of the best 5 printer toner cartridges in 2022. Find them all at and save money. Don’t overspend. Enjoy the best toner at the best price and shop online with today.

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