Printer Toner Vs. Ink: The Ultimate Guide To Saving Money

The debate with printer toner vs. ink cartridge can lead anyone to conclude either to be the victor. Both printer toner and ink have their advantages and usefulness but despite their similarities, key differences between them will put someone clearly in one camp or the other.

A big reason why you’ll want to understand what’s better, toner or ink, is there’s money to be saved.

Ink Is For Inkjet

Ink cartridges are the standard for inkjet printers. For home use, inkjet was the printer most would want. They were affordable, compact, and not the bulky size of a laser printer. A lot of homes continue to use ink and inkjet for their printing.

Ink is a liquid. Toner is a powder. A liquid needs time to dry. To produce a print, drops of ink are sprayed onto the paper. There are lots of ways to save money buying ink, including investing in multi-color cartridges and buying in bulk.

When looking at printer toner vs. ink, it is important to note that you can’t buy toner for a printer meant to use ink or vice versa.

Toner Is For Laser

Printer toner cartridges are used for laser printers. For a long time, laser printers were common in offices, businesses, and commercial settings. These days though, laser printers are often used in homes and smaller settings as well. They’re considered more efficient than ink in a lot of cases, maximizing your dollar when it comes to buying ink or toner.

Toner is a powder. An electrostatic charge is used to run the toner against a printing drum and prints produced require no time to dry. A laser cartridge that uses toner can work a lot faster. Businesses love them because they can work quickly to produce thousands of prints, if needed, significantly quicker than an inkjet.

Toner cartridges for Canon Color ImageClass MF642Cdw printers are a great example of the quality you can achieve choosing toner.

Which Is Better, Ink Or Toner?

Saving money on printer toner or ink will rely on how you’re printing. If you aren’t doing a lot of printing, you can get away with an inkjet printer and have it be affordable.

For lots and lots of printer work though, you can get printer toner a lot cheaper. The upfront investment in a laser printer is more but over time, you pay less on toner. Add to that buying remanufactured toner and you can save even more.

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