How to Save Money On Printer Ink Cartridges For Canon MG3620

A Canon MG3620 is a high-quality printer but after one has had to buy ink a few times, one understands very quickly how expensive printer ink cartridges for Canon can be. Printer ink is notoriously costly if you’re doing high-volume printing.

How to save money on ink is a challenge for homes and businesses who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on Canon ink cartridges.

If you’re looking to buy a replacement ink cartridge, here’s what to do to save money.

Buy Multiples

You never want to overbuy ink cartridges because they can expire within a couple of years or less. That said, if you know you’re going to be purchasing more within six months, buy a few cartridges at a time.

Store them in a dry, cool, and dark place. Have them at the ready. If you print at least a few pages a day or more on a weekly basis, you’ll save on shipping.

Refill Your Ink Cartridge

There are ink cartridge refill services available. They will take your existing printer ink cartridge for Canon and refill it. The downside is you have to go in-person and wait. You can try to do this yourself at home although we don’t recommend it as it can be tricky and expensive if there’s a mistake.

Refilling Canon ink cartridges will reduce waste and is an eco-friendly choice although you may discover the quality of the prints aren’t always where you want them.

Conserve Your Ink

There is lots you can do to conserve your Canon MG3620 ink, such as switching to a lighter font.

You may also limit what you’re printing. Take away any images that are using lots of ink. Also, make sure you use every drop of ink in the cartridge. Do not replace it when the machine tells you but replacing it when the page you’re printing is starting to show signs of a low cartridge.

Buy Ink Cartridges Online

If you’re looking for ink cartridges for a Canon PIXMA MG3620 Series printer, don’t buy from a retailer in-person.

You may find you can get a better deal and save a few bucks, even buying cartridges that are manufacturer-made online.

Buy Through A Third-Party

There are lots of third-party sites and companies where you can buy Canon-compatible ink cartridges for a few dollars less than what you’d pay buying from the manufacturer. They also provide remanufactured ink cartridges which can cut down total ink cartridge costs by 25-30%, sometimes more.

To save money on printer ink cartridges for Canon, spend less at Find printer ink at reduced prices, available in both black-and-white and color cartridges. Make replacing ink cartridges fun, easy, and affordable.

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