6 Important Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Printer Toner

Are you looking to purchase printer toner for your home or office? Purchase toner may seem straightforward but if you’re not used to buying it, a lot of toner options on the shelf can make it unclear about what you’re supposed to be looking for.

For your laser printer, toner quality matters. Here are important factors to consider when buying toner.


A lot of knowing what to look for when it comes to buying a printer toner is about saving you money. Price matters.

If you buy an OEM toner cartridge, you’re going to pay maximum price. If you buy a similar compatible toner cartridge or a remanufactured toner cartridge, you can shave a little off the price without impacting quality. That’s what you want to look for.

Quality Of Print

If you see a certain type of toner that isn’t delivering on print quality, there’s no reason to buy it again. You want a toner cartridge that will provide the resolution, crisp color, accuracy, and profile you need.

Especially if you’re printing in an office or professional environment, quality of the print matters heavily.

Cost Per Page

Look at the page count for a given toner cartridge. Compare cost per page between toner cartridges for an accurate comparison of what toner is the most affordable for a printer.

Keep in mind you have standard toners and then high-yield, with high-yield toner cartridges producing a higher number of pages.

How Much You Need

When you go to buy printer toner, if you’re using your printer a lot, it might make more sense purchasing toner in bulk and putting the extras away.

Toner has an expiry date so you don’t want to overbuy. That said, you don’t want to spend more on shipping than you have to if you know you’ll be reordering again within 3-4 months. It’s something else to consider in your journey towards buying toner online.


When you’re buying toner cartridges for a Lexmark MC3224dwe printer, the toner has to be compatible with the machine. You can’t just buy any toner and expect it to fit to your printer.

To verify compatibility, ensure you are looking at the number indicated on the old cartridge or look into the printer and/or instruction manual for information on what toner is recommended to buy.

Printer Type

Lastly, there are a lot of old printers out there still going. If yours is over a decade old and it’s not printing like it used to, chances are, it’s not an issue with the ink or toner. It’s the machine. Replacing it is a consideration you’ve got to make.

You don’t want to compromise the expense of buying toner on a printer that isn’t producing.

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