5 Tips To Extend The Life Of An HP Deskjet Printer Ink Cartridge

Do you feel like you’re running out of your HP printer ink cartridge a little too early? You’re not alone.

Even if you’ve been using a printer for years, a few simple mistakes can use more ink than you need to while printing. This will run down your ink cartridge fast. How often you use your printer matters, of course, but there are lots of things you can do to you can extend the life of your HP printer ink cartridge.

Ignore The ‘Low Ink’ Warning

Your printer will tell you long before you need to know that ink is getting low. Ignore the ‘low ink’ warning.

There is probably lots of ink left in your HP deskjet printer ink cartridge so keep using it until it’s a problem. Use what’s left in the cartridge. Once you start to see light or faded text, or other signs that there’s a lack of ink, only then do you buy a new ink cartridge.

Use Print Preview

Have a close look at what you’re printing before you do. Ask yourself, do I really need to print this?

You may be able to cut out some information or images and save ink that way. Choosing a different font, such as Century Gothic, or a lower-sized font can also further save on ink.

Adjust Your Printer Settings

You can save ink by going into your printer settings and making a few adjustments. There may either be a ‘Fast Normal’ or ‘Draft Mode’ you can activate to use less ink. Any text will be slightly lighter and overall print quality can be impacted, however, for certain documents, it can be alright.

You may have an ‘Ink Saving’ mode or can print in grayscale as other settings that can extend the life of your ink.

Take Care Of Your Cartridges

An ink cartridge for an HP DeskJet 2600 printer should be bought from a trusted brand and be professional-grade, regardless of if it’s refilled, remanufactured, or OEM.

Take care of your ink cartridges when not in use. They can dry out if left in the open. Keep any unused HP ink cartridges in the original packaging and sealed. If you know you won’t use your printer for a while, take your cartridge out and seal it in an airtight bag.

Shake The Ink Cartridge

An ink cartridge can get blocked, resulting in faded, incomplete prints. If it’s low quality ink or if you haven’t used your printer in a long time. There are lots of ways an ink cartridge can get blocked.

To solve this, simply remove the ink cartridge and give it a gentle shake. This should unclog the nozzle and spread the ink evenly in the cartridge, readying it for your next print project.

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