5 Best Tips To Save Money On Printer Toner

A printer is a real guzzler when it comes to costs and resources. For every page you print, your toner’s getting closer to running dry. Eventually, you will need a toner cartridge replacement which can be very expensive if you haven’t planned ahead or don’t know where to shop. Here are some tips to save money on toner that you can use the next time your printer needs a replacement cartridge.

Use Grayscale

Printing in color with toner comes at a high cost. Instead, when you can, choose grayscale printing.

By selecting ‘grayscale’, you pull from the black toner rather than the color toner. Please note that printing a black-and-white document will pull from the color toner if grayscale isn’t chosen.

Toner Saving Features

In your printing software, you have toner saving features. Activate these. Use them. In Brother printers, you can cut down on a little bit of toner from each print and elongate the time until a replacement is needed.

There are some excellent savings that can be had by adjusting a few different settings.

Know Where To Buy

When looking to buy toner cartridges for a Brother HL-L2390DW printer, you can get these cartridges online through ink123.ca. By buying online, you can shave a few bucks off the retail price. At the end of the year, whether you’re a frequent printer or not, this can equate to big savings.

Have a quick search online before running to the store and when available, buy in bulk.

Use Every Drop

Your printer is going to tell you when your toner’s getting low. This is not when to change the cartridge.

Let the cartridge tell you when it needs to be changed. You can get more mileage from toner letting it naturally run out and ignoring the warnings. To help it along, remove the cartridge, give it a shake to redistribute the toner, and you can likely get another few hundred prints out of it.

Switch Up Your Font

A large part of saving money on toner is by making the toner you have last the longest. With regards to the font you choose, try to opt for a smaller size and a lighter font, such as Century Gothic, as opposed to Times New Roman or Arial.

This is a cheap workaround but it works. You might find you can stretch out how long a Brother toner cartridge lasts.

This is how you can save money on your toner cartridges. Visit 123ink.ca today to lower your printing expenses.

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