How To Choose A Filing Cabinet

How To Choose A Filing Cabinet

A file cabinet is an essential tool that you need to keep yourself organized and enhance your productivity. However, people often just choose a file cabinet based on how it looks or how it fits with their home decor. To pick the best file cabinet for your workspace, you will need to consider the right size, the type, the materials of a file cabinet, and also safety features.

How To Choose A Filing Cabinet

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File cabinets are available in different sizes and types, so what should you look for when buying a filing cabinet? Without a doubt, size is the most important factor to consider when you are shopping for a new filing cabinet.  While there are various types of file cabinets you can choose from the lateral, vertical, mobile, open shelf, and flat.

Let’s take a look at what sizes of filing cabinets are in general use among these types?

For vertical filing cabinets, there are 2, 3, 4, or 5 drawers that are made for either letter-size paper or legal-size paper. In general, typical letter-size cabinets are 15 inches wide and legal size are 18¼ inches wide. 

The typical height for vertical filing cabinets are listed below respectively:

Number of drawersTypical height

In general, the typical office vertical file cabinet is 28½ inches deep and the drawer holds 27 inches of files. While some shallower cabinets are made: 26½-inch deep cabinets with 25″ drawer depth, 25″ deep cabinets with 23½-inch drawers.

For lateral filing cabinets, widths may fall in the range between 30” to 44”, and the drawers can be configured in different ways; for example, with one row of hanging folders running front-to-back, or two rows side-by-side.

With 30” to 44” widths, filling spaces are measured from 33¼ inches to 39¼ inches respectively.

Here are the typical heights for lateral filing cabinets:

Number of drawersTypical height
450″- 53″
564″ – 66″

For open-shelf filing cabinets, they have simple shelves with fairly closely spaced vertical supports, used with end tab folders. Open-shelf files are less expensive compared to cabinets with drawers, and the open shelves have the tabs of all files constantly visible. 

We now know the typical width of the three types of filing cabinets, let’s look at how tall a file drawer needs to be in general. The recommended minimum file drawer box height is 9-1/4”.  But keep in mind that the minimum height of the file drawer could be varied depending on the bottom thickness and bottom inset.

Here we list some recommended minimum heights with different thicknesses of the bottom and inset:

Bottom Thickness Bottom InsetRecommended Minimum Overall Height

Now you may have an idea of which sizes of filing cabinets fit your needs the best, but how to choose between the materials of wood, plastic, and metal? In general, metal file cabinets and wood file cabinets are the most common file cabinets you can find in the market. Should you choose a wooden file cabinet or steel file cabinet? The most popular choice is metal file cabinets since it can handle heavy use and is very durable for long-term use. Metal file cabinets also have advantages in fire prevention, moisture resistance, and environmental protection, which are incomparable to other materials. While wood file cabinets can bring the beauty of wood furniture to your workplace, they are less resilient compared to metal files. Overall, metal file cabinets could be the best choice for busy offices which handle heavy loads of files, while wood file cabinets are good for small and home offices. Moustache metal file cabinets are made out of 0.8 mm high-quality thick metal, with various colors available to choose from, bringing color into your workspace. 

A good file cabinet will be a useful and nice piece of furniture for your office; however, file cabinets can be a common source of injuries. Taking precautions with file cabinets in your workspace can help prevent many hazards. On the other hand, you may choose file cabinets with an interlock system and anti-tilt function to prevent injuries and accidents at 100%. Moustache file cabinets are designed for your safety. Built-in security interlock system features protect with anti-tilt function,  which allows only one drawer to be opened at a time to prevent it from tipping over.

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Moustache steel file cabinets are designed to fit your storage needs perfectly!  Made with high-quality steel, made out of 0.8mm thick steel and round edge design, which offers you a more stable structure with safety enhancement.

moustache brand

The Moustache 2-Drawer Mobile Steel Pedestal File Cabinet, comes with a lock and two big drawers that offer large storage space. The built-in rail in the drawers accommodates letter/legal/A4 hanging files and allows full extension for easy storing and taking out. 

The Moustache 3-Drawer Mobile Steel Pedestal File Cabinet with a built-in handle & 3-Drawer Mobile Steel Pedestal File Cabinet with bar handle, come with the minimalist round edge design, both style cabinets offer three drawers storage space with the two upper drawers being removable. The interlock system with anti-tilt function anti-tipping safety mechanism gives more impact-resistant for enhanced safety.

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