Printer Not Recognizing Compatible Cartridges

What to do if Compatible Cartridges are not recognizing by your printer? It’s a common issue that print owners experience when replacing an empty cartridge with a compatible one, regardless of what brand printer you had. Most of the compatible cartridges are of good quality and should work as the original cartridge.

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You can get around these issues just with a little patience, and use the following steps to correct the issue with your printer.

Common issues you may encounter with compatible cartridge:

After installing a new ink cartridge or toner in your printer, common issues you might see on your printer like the below:
1.  Printer isn’t recognizing compatible cartridges.

2.  Flashing warning lights are displayed on your printer.
3.  A message says ‘toner isn’t compatible.
4.  Computer error message when replacing a new compatible cartridge like:

5.  A low or empty level of ink and toner displayed on your computer.
6.  A message on your printer warning ‘no cartridge installed’
7.  A message says ‘printer cartridge not detected, or your printer cannot detect ink.

How to fix these issues:

These issues are cause by some of the below reasons that we usually seen to prevent your printer work properly. when your printer isn’t recognizing a cartridge or shows an error message, here are some tips that can help you to solve:

  1. Incorrect installation

The error message pops up when a cartridge wasn’t fully clicked into its designated slot, so the printer can’t detect the new cartridge. This issue is easy to solve. All you need to do is check each of the inserted cartridges and make sure that they are clicked in the right position.
A similar issue can be mistakenly placing a color ink or toner cartridge into the incorrect slot, or simply because use the wrong cartridge model for your printer. Make sure you have the right replacement cartridges and place them into the correct color slots. 

  • Protective strips haven’t been removed

The protective covers or plastic strips that are attached to a new replacement ink cartridge should be removed before installation. Otherwise, the printer will fail to register the new cartridge and this could cause problems. Make sure you remove any tabs or plastic covers before installing the cartridge into the printer.

If your printer cannot read the new ink and tonner, take the cartridge out of your printer and make sure all strips are removed then reinstall them back in.

3. Require of reset memory

Your printer should automatically recognize a new cartridge and reset its internal memory after the replacement. However, sometimes your printer cannot recognize a replacement cartridge automatically. When the printer just doesn’t reset correctly, you will need to fix this manually.

How to reset the printer memory:
First, remove your new cartridge and replace it with the old one, give it a couple minutes to recognize the old cartridge. Then replace new one back.

Check if your printer now can recognize the new cartridges or not.

If the issue stays, replace the new cartridge with old again, and repeat this step with restarting your printer.

4. Dirt or damage on metal contacts stop correct reading

The new ink or toner cartridge has a number of metal contacts that connect to similar metal contacts in the printer. These metal contacts allow the chip data to be read. Dirt or damage on the metal contacts inside the printer can prevent the contacts from connecting. They can stop the printer from reading the information on the chip.

How to clean the metal contacts:

Some ink cartridges have no contacts, otherwise, you can find the metal contacts on one side. In the back of a toner cartridge or back of an ink cartridge and look like a flat piece of copper, metal, or even like circuit board.

First, turn off the printer, then carefully remove the toner or ink cartridge and place it to one side on a flat surface. Inspect the cartridge for the metal contacts and the connection points inside of the printer. Use a dry cloth lightly wipe the contacts on both cartridges and printer to remove any dirt. Replace the cartridges in the printer and power the printer back on. This should fix any issues associate with dirty contacts or microchips.

5. A printer software update cause the chip data useless or a read of ’empty’ status

This is a common issue you may encounter for a compatible ink or toner fail to work in your printer. Usually, PC software or printer software required regular updates to fix bugs. Sometimes printer manufacturers used updates to stop compatible cartridges from working in your printer. In this case, you will see messages like “cartridge empty”, “cartridge not compatible” or “cartridge not recognized.” The solution for this issue is to exchange the replacement cartridge again or just bypass the warning.
If you decide to still use compatible inks and toners, it’s better to disable automatic software updates on your printer. From your computer via the printer properties: (Control panel > printers and devices > right click your printer within the list > properties > software tab > un-tick ‘automatically update’ your printer).

Furthermore, to get around any issues with refilled inks go forward, you may switch off any setting that would be set to send usage data to the printer manufacturer. To do this, go to your printer’s general settings and navigate to preferences and switch off any setting that sharing usage date to the printer manufacturer. Since this setting normally defaults to on, which allows the printer to monitor the use of the cartridges.

By switching it off, it could prevent you from knowing the ink level, but it can stop the printer to monitor what inks are being used then allow any compatible inks to work without issues.

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