Organize your Desktop: Tools to Make the Most of Your Space

Organize your Desktop

Have you ever been in the middle of a major assignment for work or school and you have nowhere to organize your paperwork without covering something else you need? What about when you know that you just had that marker in your hand and it’s now MIA? Is there anything more frustrating than not being able to find the paper that you just used? And it contains all the important information about the project? This is because your desktop is not the most organized for the space available. And you aren’t even sure where to start when it comes to organizing this space. So Let’s Organize your Desktop!

That is where this post comes into play

How to use tools to make the most of your desktop space. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny computer desk or a large one. Ornamental one that has the surface area of a small nation; there are ways and hacks to organize. Check out some great hints below and head over to for the lowest prices on the top organization tools for your desk:

Organize your Desktop

Display your name

Use the type of name holder that can be installed on the outside of your desk with a couple of screws. Not only will this take another thing off the surface of the desk. But you will also be able to have it as the focal point when clientele enters the room. If installing it on your desk is not possible. Then place it behind your monitor for your computer to keep it focal but out of the way of working space.

Use a Filing System

It doesn’t matter if you have hanging file folders in your desk drawers, a hanging file folder case on the top of your desk, or a filing cabinet in the office; it is just a good idea to have a filing system. Use tabs or color-coordinated folders for reports, invoices, and more to keep paperwork organized. And not spread over every available surface. Set aside a certain number of minutes per workday to complete any filing-related tasks. And watch as your desk surface is cleaned by the end of each day (yes that is possible).

Organize your Desktop

Writing tool organizer

The invention of a writing tool organizer is a wonderful thing for Organize your Desktop. These handy organizers can be purchased in a variety of materials, shapes. And come with a select number of slots for your writing utensils. You can even get organizers that have drawers along the bottom for those harder to store items such as calculators and rulers.

Get a paper tray

A paper tray is an alternative to using a filing system. A paper tray will sit on the top of the desk. But have two or three trays to be used for storing paperwork. Use labels to determine what tray is what in terms of paperwork. For example, one slot can be called “in-progress”, another can be called “to be sorted”. And the last tray can be “completed and ready for filing”. Anything that will get the papers off your desk and in a more organized manner!

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