Gift Ideas for the Sentimentalist

Whether it’s yourself or someone else, we all know somebody that doesn’t like to throw away anything in terms of memorabilia. From mementos of first dates to treasured pictures of their youth, everything and anything is fair game for the sentimentalist in our life.

While the commitment to preserving memories is definitely admirable, it can make the sentimentalist hard to shop for when it comes time to find a gift for a special occasion. They typically have something of everything already, due to their need to keep things for a rainy day.

Luckily, new products hit the market every day that are geared towards the sentimentalist in your life. These items are used for both the storage and display of treasured mementos, so why not take the time to browse through some interesting ideas from

Type of storage options

First, determine what type of storage options would be ideal for the sentimentalist you are shopping for. Will they prefer sturdy storage boxes that will stand the test of time? Glitzy storage boxes that draw the attention of whoever enters the room? What about storage items that allow for the display of mementos and creates an interesting conversational piece?

Check out these options once you have narrowed down the taste and style of those sentimentalists in your life!

Decorative notebooks

Decorative notebooks that can be used as scrapbooks can be used not only to hold the mementos in a protected casing but they can also be written on, further protecting the memories and treasures of the sentimentalist. Browse through different varieties here.


Photo Frame

Photo frames are unique in the sense that they can be used in a number of ways. Want to display a collage of ticket stubs from the concerts you attended in your youth? Then choose a frame that has matting and backing for a snug fit. Want to display mementos such as sand, shells, and sea glass from the beach trip you took with the girls in college? Then choose a frame that has a deeper compartment so it looks professional and easy. Browse through some great frame ideas in a variety of colors here.

Using a filing system can allow the sentimentalist in your life the option to combine mementos and paperwork in chronological order. Gift your sentimentalist the option to organize their paperwork in fancy filing cabinets to avoid clutter. Using this style of storage option opens the door for boxes that can be stacked together as a room-saver, storage boxes that have an artistic flair for display, and even storage boxes that allow the user to write on them and decorate as they see fit! See if you can find music posters from the era of mementos to decorate a plain storage box and turn it into a time capsule! Check out these options from today!

Need a quick and easy gift for the sentimentalist?

Then why not an online e-gift card or a prepaid credit card so they can go online to their favorite office supply store and browse through the different options? The gift of choice is always a hit with people, sentimentalist or not!

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