Refill your Office Supplies Ammunition Before the Actual Tax Report Storm Arrived

It will soon be the season where you will need to have a lot of office supplies on hand – not Christmas actually; but instead, the other big season for Canadians during the winter months. That’s right, tax season is officially around the corner.

Office Supplies when Prepare for your Tax Report

It doesn’t matter if you complete your own taxes or you get them done at a local branch of a tax specialization company – you will need office supplies. Whether or not you are filing yourself, you will probably want to have the following on hand:

  • Post-It Notes – for writing notes to yourself or your tax advisor, specifying what tax credit a document belongs to, noting what was paid versus not paid on your medical, etc.
  • Page Tabs – for noting where you need to sign or where you need to add up the lines of your tax return.
  • Pencils – you want to ensure that your taxes are done correctly before filling out your tax return in pen as it is much easier to erase pencil markings than it is to have to write out those tiny blocks on the forms.
  • Pens – for when you are confident and ready to file your taxes, you need to complete it in a blue pen as per regulations of the Canadian Revenue Agency.
  • Erasers and Whiteout – you want some form of removal when it comes to both pencil and ink markings.
  • Filing Folders – keep all your documentation and important paperwork that is part of your current tax return in order, and in place, with a filing folder system.
  • An Upgraded Computer System – you want to make sure your Canadian tax return program is up to date and that your hard drive can handle the operating software.
  • A Multifunction Printer – you want a printer that can handle big print jobs with ease,  a printer that can copy documentation when needed, and a printer that can not only fax but wirelessly print via a Bluetooth connection from any smartphone, tablet, or device.
Office Supplies for Tax Season

Save More in Tax Season

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