How to Buy an Ergonomic Backpack

When it comes to dragging your textbooks, laptop, and other writing essentials around campus, you definitely want a backpack that will shoulder the load while taking the strain off your back muscles. One of the leading complaints among students today is the weight of their backpacks and how it causes burning aches and pains throughout the neck, upper shoulders, and even the lower back. These issues, if they are severe enough, can last into adulthood and beyond; creating a chronic pain issue that never completely goes away.

This is why is it important to purchase an ergonomic backpack – one that will provide comfort, support while not taking away any valuable room for classroom necessities. But how do you find the right ergonomic backpack? Are there any tips or things to look for? Let’s break it down.

Ergonomic Backpack

The Straps

The first thing to look for when browsing through ergonomic backpacks is the style of the shoulder straps. You want to look at backpacks that have cushiony, padded straps that are in an “S” shape for comfort. This style of the strap will distribute the weight from the contents of the backpack evenly throughout the shoulders to prevent the “weighed” down feeling most students get.

The straps should be wide and have enough padding either throughout the entire strap or on a portion of the strap to prevent them from digging into the neck muscles.

The Padding

Padding is not just for straps but instead the entire backpack itself. Padding should be centrally placed all over the backpack, focusing on the area that rests directly on the back. You shouldn’t be able to feel the contents of your backpack through the material and if there is a laptop pouch inside? This should have additional padding to distribute the weight and provide security against damage.

The Shape of the ergonomic backpack

An ergonomic backpack should be wide enough to cover the entire back but not big enough to encourage an overload of weight. It should have at least a chest or waist strap but preferably both.

These waists and/or chest straps provide additional support when carrying the backpack – unless they are left undone!

The Storage of Ergonomic Backpack

An ergonomic backpack should have various sized storage pockets to prevent the student from placing everything in the central pocket. Using the multiple storage compartments distributes weight more evenly throughout the backpack, providing an increase of support and comfort.


One of the most important items on any back to school supplies list would be the backpack itself. It is the holder for all those assignments, homework, textbooks, and even your lunch or personal items. You want a backpack that will work with you during the school day; not against you. Look for backpacks that meet the specifications listed above and look for one that will fit comfortably against your back. You don’t want a backpack that is banging against your muscles and creating spasms, burning aches, or worse.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a new ergonomic backpack when shopping for your back to school supplies – simply visit to browse through multiple styles, colors, and pricing options to find the right fit for you!

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