Why is Black Friday Called Black Friday?

We all know the term Black Friday and we all know what it stands for – savings, discounts, flash sales and overall dollars saved on big-ticket items. During the Holiday shopping event, you can expect to save money on televisions, laptops and desktops, smartphones and tablets, furniture, clothing, jewelry and even skincare products. Luxury items such as handcrafted chocolates are discounted. And you have the option to purchase your wares either instore or online through a large range of retailers.

About Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated shopping dates outside of Cyber Monday and Boxing Day sales. With millions of consumers around the globe making at least one purchase during this time. You have retailers competing for the best pricing, the highest savings and the best items on sale. You have luxury retailers marking down their products. While you have already discounted retailers such as 123Ink.ca offering even steeper discounts than usual. Beware of flash companies that offer lower quality items for a low cost. And then are nowhere to be found when you need to make a warranty claim, return or repair. Stick with trusted retailers, such as 123Ink.ca. And look for those that have loyalty rewards programs to get even more bang for your buck.

While Black Friday is amazing deals and savings, it’s not really mentioned why it’s called Black Friday in advertisements, is it? The only mention of Black Friday, besides the savings, would be the date on which it is going to fall. For the record, it’s always the following Friday after the American Thanksgiving holiday; so for 2019 – you are looking at November 29th when the deals go live. Some retailers offer early bird specials, however, and deals will start unlocking online as early as the week before.

Why called Black Friday

But why exactly it is called Black Friday? Is it because of either the number of crowds that flood the stores that can potentially give the shopper a black eye? Is it because the sheer number of people is enough to turn any cheery mood into a black one? Somewhat but not exactly.

It’s actually called Black Friday because of the volume of reports where vehicular accidents and violent incidents occurred. During Black Friday sales, you are guaranteed to hear of at least one violent incident where two or more consumers got into a verbal confrontation over the last of a particular item. And it escalated into a physical confrontation. You are also guaranteed to hear of at least one vehicle accident on a mall parking lot due to the distracted nature of the shoppers.

Black Friday Sales


The trend started when numerous employees of various employers would call in sick to get a head start on their holiday shopping. And also give themselves a four day weekend due to the American Thanksgiving holiday. This occurred the most during the 1950s and that is when the trends started being noticed. It was to dispel this negative and violent connotation to the term Black Friday. And want to encourage customers to shop. Not avoid the stores, that the discounts, deals and flash sales we know today was born. It also wasn’t until these sales hit the international markets. And the United States deemed Black Friday a holiday that Canada jumped on board the Shopping trend.

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