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You have to love the convenience of having your own printer and being able to print off anything from documents from pictures to invoices. But there is one downside to owning your own laser printer and that is the cost of ink!

Printer ink can cost up to $40.00 for a single cartridge and depending on the resolution of the documents that are printing. These cartridges might only last for a matter of days! Not only does it become cumbersome to keep having to run to your nearest department or office supply store for replacement cartridges; it can also take a decent chunk out of your monthly budget. These costs are increasing when you are dealing with color ink or high-quality printing jobs – such as pictures or brightly colored fliers.

So how can you avoid racking up the dollars spent on printer ink? Wouldn’t it be great to also be able to stock up on computer paper, document folders, and even labels for a fraction of the cost? Luckily you can – by visiting to browse through top-quality products for a fraction of the typical in-store costs.

Why you should Stock Up on Printing Supplies

printer ink cartridges

Why would you want to have a stockpile of printing supplies? They can be bulky and take up valuable storage space. So why do many people take advantage of special sales and exclusive rebates? There are a couple reasons that including the following but are not limited to:

  • The convenience of being able to reach into a supply closet. And restock your printer paper. Grab staples or folders, and quickly change your printer ink cartridge without having to leave your home.
  • Bulk purchases can actually save you money in the long run. Especially when they are made during sale time periods (Boxing Day Sales, Christmas Deals, etc.). And when broken down into unit cost – are generally cheaper than single-time purchases.
  • Will always have a variety of supplies on hand for office-related projects, school projects, and more.

There are numerous reasons to stock up on all your printing supply needs. But the main two reasons are for the convenience and the cost-savings. And in a society where time passes quickly and goods cost a fair chunk more. This can be a major selling point for all consumers.


Why not take a quick jump over to and spend some time browsing through different brands of printing supplies? You can choose between top brands of high-quality printer paper. Choose between top brands of printer ink (both brand-new and repurposed cartridges). Purchase products in bulk, and even take advantage of special reward savings through the exclusive point system.

Proudly Canadian, the site allows you to stock up on expensive printing supplies for a fraction of the costs and trust in quality products. Moreover, they are delivered right to your door. With fast-shipping and exclusive sales that offer free shipping during select time periods. There is nothing to lose by shopping and stocking up on printing supplies. But instead, a lot to gain – including spare dollars in your monthly office budget!

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