123Ink.ca Early Black Friday Sale

Every year it seems that early Black Friday deals are arriving earlier and earlier. But don’t sweat it. Think of it as a way to jumpstart your Christmas shopping and save money in the long run. 123Ink.ca is no different than other online retailers. We are joining the masses and offering you some amazing early Black Friday deals to get you into the holiday spirit and help you buy for those on your gift list.


If you are buying gifts for small business owners and business associates, then we have some incredible steals! These items work well for college and high school students as well. Where else can you find a $100 printer for over 50% off?

Black Friday Sales

Office Chairs

As with any product, office chairs have an undetermined shelf life. When the seat padding or back padding starts to break down, the user usually feels it in the buttocks, back, neck, and shoulders. Ergonomically correct chairs are recommended for most sedentary jobs. Bless a loved one with a new comfy office chair and they will thank you repeatedly if it is on their wish list. Not so much if it is jewelry or clothing on their Christmas list! Your wallet will thank you for the savings by purchasing during the early Black Friday deals.

Office Supplies

Some people enjoy getting “necessity” gifts because they do not have to spend money on it themselves. Therefore, do not scoff at office supplies for gift ideas. Consider the people on your list and buy accordingly. Office supplies are costly, and startups will appreciate the gesture especially. Besides, whether it is a gift or a business expense, why not take advantage of the early Black Friday deals to save money on your business?

Check out all our early Black Friday deals, you won’t regret it!

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