How to Choose a Printer for Home Office

Many of you, like some of us, are self-isolating due to COVID-19. Some of you are working from home or have school-aged children, whom you are now homeschooling. With more office and school work being printed, you may be looking for a printer for home office. If you have never had a home printer, then you may feel overwhelmed as you begin your research. The solution to the printer buying lies in determining your needs and your budget. Once those are decided, then you can wade through all the printer information.

Warning: Please do not settle for the cheapest printer on the market. These cheap printers usually turn out to be the most expensive because the ink cartridges are expensive and do not last as long. You want to be able to get a printer that will meet your printing needs without draining your bank account.

How many copies will you make per day or per week? Make the best-educated guess and then use the information below to buy a printer for home office.

printer for home office

Printer Lingo

Before you begin your search, you want to understand the basic printer for home office lingo or terminology. Consider the following your printer glossary of sorts:

Inkjet printers have the capability of printing professional-looking photos. The ink cartridges do not last as long as a laser printer and usually cost more in the long run.

Laser printers are known for their durability. These printers are for medium to heavy printing needs. The toner ink for laser printers cost more upfront, however, it lasts so much longer than inkjet ink cartridges. Laser printers are not recommended for printing photos. Laser printers are more for documents.

PPM means print speed. The number of pages printed per minute.

Cost Per Page

You can figure out the cost per page for your bottom line. This is an important phrase because ink yields will either make or break your budget. A simple Math formula will help you: The cost of the ink divided by the ink’s page yield equals the cost per page. For example, if your HP LaserJet ink’s page yield is 1600 and a black ink Moustache toner cartridge costs $41.99. $41.99 divided by 1600 equals $0.026.

OEM ink cartridges. Directly from your printer’s manufacturer.

Remanufactured ink. Third-party manufacturer making the same ink but in reused or refilled ink cartridges.

Compatible ink. Third-party manufacturers making close to the same quality ink as the original manufacturer. Like Moustache brand sells.

Paper size. Standard is 8.5”x11” but there is legal size, which is 8”x14”.

Duplex printing. Is printing on both sides. Newer printers have a setting to click for “automatic duplex printing”.

Print, scan, fax, copy. These are functions of an all-in-one printer. This kind of printer gives you the ability to print right from the internet, scan to your computer or USB drive, fax or simply make a copy from a document already in your possession. All-in-ones are great since all these functions are in one device: and a great printer for home office.

Wi-Fi capability

This gives you the ability to print wirelessly, whether from your phone or computer without having to be connected directly to both printer and other devices. Super convenient.

Photo quality

As stated above, inkjet printers are better than laser printers for quality photos. However, if you are an amateur photographer or a professional one, then make the investment into a professional photo printer. It will be well worth your money in quality photos. Professional grade printers also use more ink so be prepared to spend more on ink cartridges.

As stated, determine how and what you will use a printer for, and it will narrow down your search. Be sure to research and read reviews of printers too. We hope the printer lingo is helpful as you choose your printer for home office.

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