How to Clean a Canon Printhead

Do you own an inkjet printer? Did you know that a Canon printhead needs to be cleaned? Are asking what in the world is a printhead? Do you know where to locate it or how to clean it? If not, this post is just for you! Be forewarned, it may get messy so be prepared. If you follow these easy steps, you will increase the pages you print and buy fewer ink cartridges.

How to Know When a Printhead Needs to be Replaced

If your copies are coming out with streaky or faded ink, then this is an indicator the Canon printhead needs to be replaced. Or it may simply be clogged. A simple clog means you do not have to buy a new ink cartridge. But if it is dried out, then you will have to buy a replacement.

Canon Printhead

Steps to Cleaning the Printhead of a Canon Inkjet Printer

First, locate the Canon printhead. Then gather the following supplies:

•            Warm moist paper towel

•            Dry paper towel

•            Disposable gloves

Step 1

The Canon printhead may be found on the bottom of the ink cartridge or in the printer. If the printhead is in the printer, you can either use the automatic cleaning function found in settings or you can manually clean it.

Automatic Cleaning Function

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click on maintenance.
  3. Click on cleaning.
  4. Follow the remaining prompts. Voila! You are done cleaning your Canon printhead.

Some Canon inkjet printers have the option of choosing a “Deep Cleaning”, as well as printing out a test page to show if the printer is printing clearly again.

Manually Cleaning Built-in Ink Cartridge Printhead

Step 2

Put on the disposable gloves.

Step 3

Remove the ink cartridge with a built-in Canon printhead.

Step 4

Position moist paper towel so you can gently blot the ink cartridge with printhead aimed down onto it. Do not wipe the actual printhead, as you could damage it.

Step 5

Keep the cartridge aimed down on the paper towel for a couple of minutes.

Step 6

Then place the ink cartridge on the dry paper towel. Give it a couple minutes to dry.

Step 7

Return the ink cartridge to the printer.

Step 8

Print out a test page to make sure the printer is functioning properly. If the printing quality is poor, then a new cartridge is needed.

Manually Cleaning Printer Printhead

Gather the following before you get started:

•            Warm water

•            An old yogurt or whipped topping container

•            Paper towel roll (tear off individual sheets, cut in half if they are large-sized)

•            Disposable gloves

Step 1

Put on the gloves.

Step 2

Allow printer to center ink cartridges.

Step 3

Take out the ink cartridges.

Step 4

To remove the Canon printhead, you may need to lift up on the left side of the ink cartridge carriage, so the latch is released. The latch will help remove the printhead, as it is in the carriage. Remove it.

Step 5

Pour warm filtered water into the container until three-quarters full.

Step 6

Pile three to four pieces of paper towels into the warm water, pushing them to the bottom of the container.

Step 7

Grab a wet paper towel, wringing out excess water and carefully clean printhead, making sure old ink is removed

Step 8

Next, the printhead goes into the old container filled with warm filtered water.

Step 9

Soak the printhead in the container of water for about ten minutes.

Step 10

Get some more paper towel ready, make sure it is two or three layers.

Step 11

Lift the Canon printhead out of the container of water, allowing the water to drip off the printhead. Set the printhead on the waiting dry paper towel.

Step 12

Leave the printhead to dry for about 15 minutes.

Step 13

After 15 minutes check to see if the printhead is dry if it is put it back in the printer. Followed by ink cartridges.

Step 14

Make sure the printer door is closed. You may want to run the “Cleaning” mode again for good measure.

Step 15

Your job is done, and printing can begin again.

“Basic Printer Maintenance 101” is complete and you are now ready to maintain your Canon Printhead and cartridges. has Canon printhead ink cartridges available. Competitive pricing and free shipping on orders over $49, unless otherwise stated.

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