When can I file my 2020 taxes in Canada?

The tax season is one of the predictably stressful periods for some Canadian households.  You need to get ready with property office supplies. The taxman never forgets and will always come to collect especially if you are owing.  To know your tax status, you will need to file your taxes..  on time.  And on time means you have to file your preceding years’ taxes before April 30. 

If you file late and are owing, you will pay a penalty on the late payments.  But if you are not owing and file late, there are no penalty payments.  But filing late will cause a delay in the refunds that you might receive.  It also has an effect on when the government is able to calculate your income range that determines the benefits you will receive such as the Childcare benefit (CCB). 

When you get down to the business of filling the taxes, you must be prepared with the required office supplies if you are filing taxes via the traditional method of printing off the tax forms and filling it out by hand.  Filling in your tax form requires office supplies that will keep your work organized and easy to retrieve. 

Tax Season Office Supplies – File Folder

Usually, one of the first pieces of office supplies you will require at hand before filing your taxes is the file folder.  This is the storage device for all your printed receipts, documents and tax forms that assist in arranging the documents in an orderly manner.  It is advisable you get a sturdy file folder like the Geo® Frosted Snap Button Side Opening Plastic Document Envelope from 123ink.ca as the Canadian government requires you keep all supporting documents related to your tax filing for a minimum of 6 years. 

Tax Season Office Supplies – Handheld Calculator

Another must-have accessory during the tax season is a reliable handheld calculator. Such as the Canon WS-220TSG Desktop 12 Digit Calculator with Tax and Cost/Sell/Margin. This is a calculator designed for assisting users in sorting and adding up their taxes.  An accessory to the calculator is the Ballpoint Pen, 0.7mm, 40 PCS Black / Box from Moustache®.  There is a lot of scribbling that has to be done when filing taxes. So you want to make sure that you have a pen that reduces the effort to write. And gives very legible marks with no ink stains. 


moustache office supplies for Canada tax season

Paperclips such as the #1 Paper Clips. Assorted Colors, 100 pcs/Box from Moustache® are the essential workhorses for separating all our documents in an easy to sort manner.  And less we forget, we should also ensure that we are not without the sticky notes. That aid us in remembering key aspects of the work when the tax is being prepared.  A good set of paper clips to try is the Self-Stick Notes. Yellow, 100 Sheets/Pack – 10/Pack, 1.5″ x 2″ (37.5mm x 50mm) from Moustache®. 

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