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In the fast-paced digital world, we currently live in, bullet journal keeping track of a daily itinerary and to-do list, for most means either flipping your smartphone open and using your thumb to input details on an app within the phone, or using the task list or calendar within a PC ( or Mac) to create and update the upcoming schedule.  Planning our lives has become a matter of interfacing with our digital devices on a daily basis.  And if your phone or PC should crash, access to the detailed plans made is suddenly gone, even if temporarily. 

Bullet Journal

That is why you might be interested to know that even in the digital era, there is a way of planning and scheduling yourself with a non-digital readily available tool.  It was developed by Ryder Carrol in the late 1990s and is currently used by millions around the world.  It knows as Bullet Journaling.  And at its most basic you only need a notebook and pen to start.  Yes! you do away with the digital tools and scribble on a notebook the old-fashioned way.

Moustache® Notebooks
Moustache® Notebooks

Bullet journaling is an effective planning tool as well as an outlet for creativity.  It requires that users create an index for the notebook to show where the information on various topics is located within the notebook.  To-do lists or logs create within the journal and they can be arranged on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  A group of related logs know as a collection. And rapid logging uses abbreviations or symbols to simplify the task of putting down list.  And with bullet journaling, users have to periodically migrate(update) list to a more recent date based on needs. 

Key Tool – Notebook

So Bullet journals are mean to be flexible.  While there is a system, there are no fixed rules and what must be done.  The system lends itself to creativity and using it on a continuous basis improves the way you organize your schedule and plan ahead.  As stated earlier, the key tool for the bullet journal is the notebook and pen.  There are some elaborate and already built bullet journals with rules to follow already encoded within the notebook.  But you can also create the Bullet journal of your taste by using Sharpies, Markers, HighlightersPost-it notes to modify a simple notebook to a creative planner that aids you in your personal and professional life.

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