How to Choose a Printer for Small Office

There is no hiding from the fact that despite the digital age we live in, the printer is still going to be part of our professional lives for a considerable period of time.  The rise of digitalization seems to have increased the rate at which we send documents to the printer, with recent estimates stating that the average office worker spends at least 30 pages per day to the printer. 

Selecting a printer for the small office

The small business owner is not left out among those with a need to print.  For the small business owner, selecting a printer for the small office requires analysis and having a predetermined objective of what the problem the printer to be acquired will solve. 

The analysis must consist of estimating what is the average amount of printed pages the office will use up monthly.  Another analysis involves defining the quality of the printworks required if the small office will require only black and white printed pages or there is a need for colored image printing and how many people will use the printers within the office.  Of recent, understanding if the printer needs to support printing directly from a mobile phone has now become mainstream due to the proliferation of cell phones among office workers. 

Printer Deals

The analysis

The analysis of the needs of the office. As well as, the budget available will assist in determining the profile of the printers to be purchased.  Budget considerations should not only involve the upfront cost of the printers.  Budget and cost considerations should also factor the reoccurring cost of replacement toners. Power cost for running the printer as well as the cost for other consumables such as the printer paper. 

It has been estimated for lower-end printers typically associated with small offices. The upfront/purchase cost sometimes makes up less than 5% of the total Lifecycle cost of the printers.  So it pays to pay attention to the other reoccurring cost. That makes up a large percentage of the cost connected with using a printer.  A good rule of thumb to follow when purchasing a printer is. The lower the purchase cost for the printers. The higher the cost per page of the replacement cartridge for that printers.  For small business owners looking to get a good printer for their small office. You can get a good range of printers from It is one of the best e -retailers of printers in Canada and they ship their products all over Canada.

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